Local pianist wins trifecta

B2B Editor12 November 2015

Well not quite … but local pianist and composer,Michael Dooley, will be recognised in three ways this November – his own personal trifecta.

Returning to Canberra, five years ago, after 30 years humanitarian work overseas, Michael has been working away in his Canberra studio composing some amazing music.

This November Michael will be recognised in three ways:

First: Michael has been nominated for the prestigious APRA (Australian Performing Rights Association)/AGSC(Australian Guild of screen composers) screen music award for his work on the music score for an animated children’s feature produced by a U.S. company. The ceremony will take place in Melbourne on November 12th. Michael was gratified also to receive an Arts ACT out-of-round grant for travel expenses to the ceremony.

Second: On November 14 a new work commissioned by Theme and Variations, the company that imports Steinway grand pianos, will be premiered in Sydney. The work,to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the company, is written for 6 pianos, and will be performed on Steinway grands by some of Australia’s leading pianists.

Third: On November 28th, Dooley will hold a concert of his own piano compositions in Canberra. The concert is entitled ‘Anachronisms-A composer’s journey through time’, and features 11 pieces newly composed in the styles of various classical periods.

“It was a fascinating journey composing these pieces that range from the more formal and understated Baroque and classical forms,to the flamboyance and emotion of the romantic period,” Micahel said.

The virtuoso highlight of the concert, says Dooley, is his homage to The Flight of the
Bumblebee, an etude entitled In Pursuit of a Mouse. “It’s fun, fiery, but fiendishly difficult,” he says. “But I’m honoured that one of Canberra’s finest pianists, James Huntingford, has taken on the challenge!”

Joining Huntingford on the bill are: nationally acclaimed, multi-award winning pianist/composer Sally Greenaway; Andrew Rumsey, graduate of the ANU school of music and well known in Canberra musical circles; Emily Leong, student of distinguished Australian pianist, Stephen McIntyre; and award winning pianist Aaron Chew, who is currently studying for a masters degree in performance at the ANU School of Music.

“The journey ends with a bit of fun actually,” says Dooley, “A slightly tongue in cheek Tango that will be performed by all 6 pianists on one piano.”

Anachronisms-a composer’s journey through time
All Saints Church, Ainslie
8 p.m. 28th November 2015
Tickets $25/$15 concession. including refreshments.
Available at the door or at

To contact Mike Dooley, visit: http://www.mikedooleymusic.com