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Local knowledge makes all the difference for one of Australia’s best insurance brokers

Sharon Kelley28 April 2020
Lara Morgan

Lara Morgan, from allinsure, is one of Australia’s top insurance brokers. Photo: Supplied.

Perhaps it is because Lara Morgan was born and raised in Canberra that she is so good at what she does. Working as an insurance broker, her local knowledge is essential when talking to clients about their business needs. She has a complete and thorough understanding of the environment in which ACT businesses operate, and the culture of the nation’s capital and its people.

Lara works for allinsure and was made a partner there in 2019. She has been in the insurance industry for 13 years.

Born in Canberra, Lara moved to Braidwood when she was six years old, and then back to Canberra for her teenage years and adult life. Like many Canberra kids, her holidays were spent on the NSW South Coast with her grandparents.

In the decade between 2000 and 2010, she met her husband, bought her first home and established her career. She is now recognised as one of Australia’s top brokers by Insurance Business Australia, earning the accolade in 2019 and 2020.

Lara discovered her career as an insurance broker when a friend encouraged her to apply for a role in the industry 13 years ago. She progressed through various roles at international brokerages and international insurers, and also helped to establish a niche brokerage. She joined allinsure in 2016 and became a partner in the business last year. She has been earmarked as a broker to watch by her peers in the industry.

It has been a big year for insurance, with bushfires, hailstorms and COVID-19 putting pressure on insurance assessors. Lara says for most claim scenarios, there are additional challenges due to social distancing and other measures to combat COVID-19.

“Like most industries, we’re finding our claims assessors are being forced to adapt and find new solutions,” she says. “The key to keeping your claim moving in these challenging times is clear and open communication between the loss assessor, builder/repairer and insurance advisor, and showing a little understanding and patience where a delay occurs. Collaboration with everyone to find a solution will provide the best outcome.”

Lara Morgan (second from left) and the Allinsure team posing at a formal event.

Lara Morgan (second from left) and members of the allinsure team. Photo: Supplied.

Lara is currently working from home during COVID-19 restrictions. When the restrictions were put in place, she and her colleagues began contacting people to reduce their risk profile and reduce their overheads.

“As soon as the pandemic started restricting and shutting down certain industries, we were proactive in identifying which clients would be impacted,” says Lara. “We started contacting them to discuss what changes we could make to their risk profile and portfolio to identify potential premium savings.”

Lara’s proactive approach is part of what makes her so good at what she does. Before you’ve thought through the implications of a global pandemic and an unprecedented lockdown, Lara will be on the phone, letting you know where you can save money on your premiums and how to continue to progress outstanding claims while social distancing restrictions are in place.

Similarly, when the severe hailstorm battered Canberra back in January, Lara was able to identify the affected postcodes and call customers in those locations who may have had property damage to find out if they were okay and if there was a potential insurance claim to be made.

“There is so much information from insurers and other industry bodies that is coming through each week,” she says. “We’re making sure we stay on top of it and keep communicating with our clients in a way that is effective and helps them make good business decisions.

“Make sure you surround yourself with people who will support you, and continually reach out to them. This pandemic will eventually end. We are all in this together and we need to work together to survive and come out stronger. A lot of our small businesses have been really open to change, have been creative, innovative and supportive of each other.”

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