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B2B Editor 1 March 2013
KEY Real Estate ACT Pty Limited’s founding principle is unbeatable:
Knowledge + Excellence = Yield (a great result for our clients)
Our service offering starts at the top. Our hands-on directors Gay Spooner and Gabriele Hume have a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of Real Estate. With a combined experience of 28 years in the ACT and NSW market, Key Real Estate ACT fully understands and appreciates that a real estate transaction involves more than buying, selling and the management of your property..
Property Listings and
Your KEY agent has the knowledge and experience to ensure that your property is correctly positioned and marketed to secure the best result possible in the current market.
Your KEY agent will keep you informed throughout the transaction, guiding you to a successful result. Your KEY agent will provide you with the tools you will need to prepare your property for sale.
Your KEY agent will understand that buyers are not exclusively owned by any one firm in the real estate market. Buyers are savvy, have immediate access to what’s on the market and will shop where they see opportunity. So, although KEY does utilise
* KEY’s Agents personal relationships
* KEY’s corporate database, and
* KEY’s relationships with service providers
to introduce buyers to your property, at KEY we focus our attention on ‘here-and-now’ buyers.
At KEY we also appreciate that matching a property to a buyer’s requirements is not always immediately possible. Our KEY commitment is to keep buyers apprised of opportunities that match their requirements prior to properties being offered to the general market
Property Management
Most real estate firms offer Property Management Services. What separates KEY from the rest, is our knowledge and experience in the practice of managing properties to maximise Landlord’s returns and resolve issues as quickly and efficiently as possible.
Your KEY Property Manager will deliver
* Outstanding communication with all parties
* Defining and maximising potential
* Capturing best possible yields
* Excellent Tenant placement
* Care and attention to detail
* Strict adherence to comprehensive policies
* Regular inspections and prompt follow-up
Gay Spooner
P 02-6294-8887
PO Box 3301, Weston Creek ACT 2611

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