Investors hop into Heaps Normal’s capital raising

Lucy Ridge11 January 2022
Three men with beers

Ben Holdstock, Andy Miller and Pete Brennan met while working in the craft beer industry and founded Heaps Normal together with surfing pro Jordy Smith. Photo: Supplied.

Canberra start-up Heaps Normal has hit the big time, with the team just clinching an $8.5 million investment.

The brewers led a Series A funding round and within a week had successfully snapped up high profile investors like Who Gives A Crap CEO and founder Simon Griffiths, managing partner of Athletic VC Matt de Boer, and executive director of Tripple Bec Milgrom.

These investors have been active in the world of impact and culture-based ventures.

Heaps Normal has been at the forefront of cultural conversations around mindful drinking and alcohol consumption within the hospitality industry. As CEO Andy Miller recently told Region Media, they’re confident that this is only the beginning.

“This is not a passing trend!” Andy says.

“Countries in Europe, like Germany, have been brewing really great non-alcoholic beers for a long time … Seeing that consumers in those markets are also demanding these kinds of options show us that Australia is playing catch up.”

Man in brewery with beer

Andy Miller found that other non-alcoholic options on the market just didn’t hit the spot. Photo: Supplied.

It’s a big win for a business that launched only 16 months ago, in the middle of a pandemic, no less!

But Andy suggests that lockdowns may have prompted more people to become a little more mindful about their alcohol consumption as they found themselves stuck at home.

I think that’s been a trigger for a lot of people to reassess their alcohol consumption while being stuck at home. I think that’s brought a lot of people to Heaps Normal.”

The founders of Heaps Normal were also recently recognised for their efforts in creating a better drinking culture with their inclusion in the Good Weekend Magazine’s list of Who Mattered 2021.

Tin of Heaps Normal

Andy says they’re not trying to make people quit drinking entirely, just to be more mindful. Photo: Supplied.

The new funding will allow the team to expand their operation and increase production. They’re planning to add a new beer style to their range in early 2022 and have ambitions to build what they believe will be Australia’s largest dedicated non-alcoholic brewery. With this increase in production, they’re aiming for 20 per cent of the non-alcoholic beverage market.

“Australia has really come a long way with non-alcoholic options. Whether you’re sober or still enjoy a few beers, you can go back to the pub and have a drink with your mates and enjoy it without going overboard.”

We’ll raise a Heaps Normal beer to that!

For more information, visit Heaps Normal.

Original Article published by Lucy Ridge on Riotact.

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