April 2013 Issue 81

Investment properties get the best property management

B2B Editor1 April 2013
Proud Property Management redefines levels of service and value formoney. Ian Barrass founder of Proudsaid “We give concierge service at alower price. Our business model takes outsome of the biggest costs for an agency suchas commercial rent and high franchise fees.You get the benefit of our savings: we give apremium service at a lower price!
“Ian Barrass comes from a family withreal estate in its veins. It all started in 1908,before thefoundation ofCanberra andnot long afterAustralianFederation!Ian, whopurchasedhis firstinvestmentproperty at25, said thatreal estate has been an important part ofhis own investment strategy. “My propertymanagement likes and dislikes becamethe basis of the Proud Concierge Servicemodel.” “In many agencies, managers canbe responsible for over 100, or even 130properties.” Ian asked “How can managerswith that much on their plate look after yourvaluable investment?” At Proud PropertyManagement, your personal manager islimited to a much smaller portfolio: there isalways time to ask questions and to help you.
Ian said that “taking time to properlyaddress potential risks at the start of atenancy helps determine results at the end”.We begin tenancies with a view to the desiredoutcomes at the end and throughout therelationship. Proud pays particular attentionto vetting tenants, then reinforces this withrobust contracts. “No one ever wants tofront the rental bond boards or tribunals,but if it is required; we will represent ourclient’s interests to the fullest” said Ian. Goodmanagers are part of your safety net andreduce the risk of poor tenants. But if thereis a problem, your manager’s knowledge oflegislation, willingness to follow through andthen having the time to do it are your next levels of protection.
If you are looking for concierge assistancewith your rental properties, or if you havebeen unlucky enough to have already hadproblems, contact Ian Barrass for some noobligation assistance.
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