Introducing Canberra Legal Group

B2B Editor8 February 2016

Canberra Legal Group is a fresh new chapter in a story that began in 1997 with the establishment by John Nicholl of Nicholl & Co, with just one lawyer and two staff.

Now one of Canberra’s leading firms, with 14 high-calibre and determined lawyers, Nicholl & Co celebrates its growth and success with a new brand, a new look, and sharp new premises.

Canberra Legal Group (CLG) is a full service legal firm, dedicated to achieving the best possible outcome for its clients with impressive and cost-effective results.

Remaining paramount as always are the needs of its clients who are central to CLG’s philosophy of Understanding, Empowerment and Results.

Heading CLG’s team of experienced and capable practitioners are its Managing Director, John Nicholl, and its Executive Directors, Ian Marjason, Theresa Dowling, and Jon May.

Together with the CLG team, John, Ian, Theresa and Jon state that their expansion and growth has given them the momentum and energy to drive into 2016. “Canberra Legal Group can tackle almost anything the legal landscape can throw at us,” John stated.

John Nicholl has a strong sense of justice and a family background in the law. John’s grandfather and father were lawyers. John’s father was also a magistrate, and co-founded the Bar Association in Canberra.

“I switched from accounting to law early in my career because I believed I would enjoy the challenge and could add value to Canberra’s legal landscape,” John explained.

John practices mainly in the areas of commercial litigation, medical negligence, family law and estate disputes.

“We are building a team of like-minded individuals, with a great culture, but still ensuring there is room to invent your own role and run with opportunities when they arise.”

“Our five-year plan was to establish Canberra Legal Group and populate it with high quality practitioners and deliver cost effective results to our clients,” John explained. “It seems we’ve achieved that goal within 6 months.”

Ian Marjason and his team of handpicked practitioners are a recent and welcome addition to the CLG team. Ian Marjason has practiced law in the Canberra and Queanbeyan region since 1988 and brings a wealth of expertise to CLG’s dynamic line-up. His diverse practice areas include personal injury and family law.

Ian became an accredited specialist in advocacy in 1997. He is also an accredited mediator and registered migration agent. He became a public notary in 1997.

Ian also had an extensive career in local government having spent 25 years as a councillor and 7 years as Mayor of both Yarrowlumla and Palerang Shires. He was awarded the Local Government Medal for outstanding service to local government by the Governor of NSW in 2007.

Theresa Dowling commenced her legal career nearly ten years ago with CLG’s predecessor and has been an integral part of the CLG team ever since.

Theresa has a dynamic and diverse practice portfolio and her strengths lie in litigation and dispute resolution, and estate planning.

As a litigator, Theresa is particularly interested in estate litigation such as testator’s family maintenance or family provision claims, capacity cases, and elder abuse.

Theresa’s goal in acting in these matters is timely and cost effective resolution. She applies the same principles to her commercial, building, and other civil disputes and has a strong record in assisting disputing parties to find early resolution by way of mediation or alternative dispute resolution.

As an estate planner,Theresa provides,a “cradle-to-grave” all-services legal facility that ensures every contingency is planned for, from a watertight Will and Enduring Power to delivering a seamless and stress-free estate administration.

Jon May began his career at a multinational law firm, representing injured workers in the Australia Capital Territory. Jon has vast experience in all areas of personal injury law including workers compensation, public liability, and medical negligence claims. Jon built his career at this practice on the back of hard work and determination, always with the objective of securing the very best outcome he could for injured workers.

Jon later made the decision to shift his focus into other areas of litigation. That decision saw Jon develop a formidable litigation practice, successfully representing clients in legal disputes concerning employment law, building disputes, professional negligence, defamation, personal injury litigation and medical negligence matters.

Jon is a people person, and he understands the law can be a maze to his clients. He strives to make sure that his clients not only have the best legal representation, but that they understand the process also.


That is, understanding clients’ needs, expectations, and what is most important to them in the resolution of their matter.


For CLG, empowerment means using their knowledge and expertise to equip clients with the strength and the right tools to take necessary action.


CLG’s ultimate goal is to secure great-value results and positive outcomes that allow their clients to achieve their goals.

Canberra Legal Group invites you to get in touch or check out their new website at www.canberralegalgroup.com.au


Contact details:
p: 6230 1699,
f: 6230 1899,
e: [email protected]
Level 3, 1 Farrell Place, Canberra City ACT 2601