May 2015 Issue 104

Improving legal services for Canberra’s disadvantaged

B2B Editor1 May 2015

Attorney-General Simon Corbell has this month launched the newly named Canberra Community Law, previously known as the Welfare Rights and Legal Centre.

The centre, serving the most disadvantaged in the community, has changed its name to recognise the diversity of services on offer.

“The name change and the associated new website will modernise the image of the centre and better convey the service’s close connection with the community,” Mr Corbell said.

“The service remains committed to providing accessible, high-quality legal assistance to the community.”

Canberra Community Law provides a range of services including the Disability Discrimination Legal Service, Social Security and Tenancy Service, Street Law, the Night Time L egal Advice Service and the Social Worker Pilot Project.

As well as providing professional development opportunities for its staff, Canberra Community Law is also strongly committed to the development of young lawyers in the ACT.

“Together with the Women’s Legal Centre and the Tenant’s Union, Canberra Community Law forms the basis for a strong community legal centre sector,” Mr Corbell said.

“Last year the three community legal centres relocated to their new premises and wasted no time in strengthening collaboration efforts to ensure Canberrans are provided high quality and client focused services.

“I commend Canberra Community Law for its foresight to seek ways to better target the community, the most vulnerable and their needs.”