Imagine a future empowered by the cloud business ecosystem

B2B Editor7 July 2016

Imagine a future empowered by the cloud business ecosystem

It is a great time for small businesses in Australia. With further tax deduction and booming cloud business solutions, small business owners can better achieve their entrepreneurial goals. In this article, I would like to share a few useful cloud business services for small businesses and discuss how we can best benefit from using them.
The most prominent issue faced by most of our everyday heroes in local businesses is the struggle between time and control. Business owners want to have better control of their business activities, but the more control owners possess, the more effort and time they have to devote to the business. Fortunately, with a little help from cloud solutions such as Vend and Receipt Bank, business owners can free themselves from endless paperwork and focus on growth and opportunities.
Local business owners can customise cloud solutions to meet their business needs and environment. For example, Vend has become a popular Point of Sale choice among local retail businesses because the software is straight-forward and very easy to learn. First-time users are able to get oriented to the system within a day. Additionally, with functions such as product register, stock management and sales recording integrated into the “Vend HQ” interface, business owners can have better control of their retail performance whilst saving hours of work from data merging.

Receipt Bank is another application that many local business owners love. Collecting and sorting receipts can be a nightmare during tax time. Receipt Bank could save hundreds of hours by eliminating the hassle of digging out receipts left in car trunks and shoe boxes. Simply upload photos of receipts or invoices using your mobile phone, and Receipt Bank will extract and process the key information. The information is subsequently published to your cloud accounting services (e.g,Xero or Intuit QuickBooks).

Whilst cloud technology offers significant benefits to small business owners, keep in mind that when choosing specific cloud business services, you also choose the ecosystem they represent. Just like preparing dinner for an important guest, your decision to have steak as the main dish will significantly influence your choice of wine as well. When choosing a cloud business service, make sure the ecosystem behind it aligns with your business ambitions.

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