How much time are you spending on business administration?

B2B Editor 8 July 2016

How much time are you spending on business administration?

The simple truth is that starting up and running a business should have nothing to do with administration in the early days. Every spare moment should be spent creating great products/ services that provide value and then selling them to delighted customers.

To achieve this, you need to get the admin off your plate. One option is to consider a professional service provider. When choosing someone there are a few things to look for:

* Verified skills

Confirm their experience, industry connections and membership of professional association. Ask how they keep their skills up-to-date. Check references and testimonials

* Reliable and clear communication

Look for someone that speaks to you in a simple straightforward way. Ensure they report back regularly and that you can rely on them to give you honest, objective and factual information.

* Team and culture fit

Work with people that are a good fit with your own team and your business culture. You want them to become integrated with your business.

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