March 2015 Issue 102

Hatch Property

B2B Editor8 March 2015

Julie, tell us a bit about your background and your business, HATCH Property.

I began in real estate in early 2001 in shopping center management and then as a buyer’s agent, specifically for investors sourcing quality investment opportunities in Canberra and interstate. I worked in both residential and commercial property in the areas of property management, sales and leasing.

Over time, I recognised that the buyers or the tenants were often severely disadvantaged in negotiations due to a lack of knowledge. I developed targeted services to meet the needs of those who find themselves in uncharted waters.

For me, it’s all about seeing through the illusion created by the marketing and sales hype and seeing what really lies beneath. When making significant financial decisions, it is imperative to be as fully informed as possible to be able to negotiate effectively. If you don’t have the knowledge yourself, it can save a lot of money and stress to engage someone who does.

And let’s get straight to it – what is HATCH Property’s point of difference?

It’s not about a sale, or just a transaction. It’s about getting a positive outcome.

What crucial advice and assistance can you offer first time property investors?

* Know your limits and why you have them. This includes both your financial and personal risk profile.

* Surround yourself with an experienced team of professionals. Be wary of ‘one stop shops’ that offer finance, legal and insurance services etc.

Relocating interstate can be daunting, and this can often be the case for foreign investors and expatriates as well. How does HATCH assist in making this transition both smooth and transparent for its clients?

We do the legwork and report back to clients with their best interests being served. Having an experienced agent inspecting and negotiating on behalf of the absent buyer is well worth the cost.

You have some wonderful reviews on your website from your very contented clients – can you share one of your success stories with us?

I recently secured a new home for a client living overseas on a posting. I was initially asked to bid on a property the night prior to the auction. Due to irregularities in the building approvals, I ultimately advised my client that it was not in her best interest to take such a risk. The property passed in at auction with no bids, and after identifying options that better met her lifestyle and investment needs, we secured a property in a superior location.

What other services does HATCH Property offer?

Vendor Advocacy is a very popular service. I have international, interstate and local clients who often engage me to appraise their home or investment property and recommend how best to take it to market. I offer a small number of handpicked agents to “pitch” a marketing plan, commission structure and sales strategy. We then select the agent the client feels most comfortable with, taking the angst out of the process for them.

Contact Julie to arrange a time to discuss your property needs.

Julie M Cumming
Julie M Cumming QPIA, Director, Hatch Property Australia M: 0404 453 397 E: [email protected]
Julie M Cumming