Great outlook for Brady Perspectives

B2B Editor16 May 2017

Great outlook for Brady Perspectives

Scott Brady, founder and director of Brady Perspectives, has had a full and interesting career to date, including being an Australian Army Officer, working in intelligence, undertaking two tours of East Timor.

After leaving the Army in 2007, Scott worked for Noetic Corporation, in the United States, working on three big projects for the US Department of Defence, looking at the role of law enforcement in peace and stabilisation, and counterinsurgency.

“The Australian Department of Defence sent me to the Democratic Republic of the Congo to run scenario based exercises for the UN integrated mission there,” Scott said, “The US Department of Defence sent our team to Kosovo for a week, looking at ongoing US law enforcement and criminal justice programs.”

After coming back to Australia in 2011, Scott worked for Noetic in Canberra and then moved to Qinetiq. In late 2016, he established his own consulting business, Brady Perspectives.

So why the move to set up his own business?

“I’d been working in the industry for 10 years. I have good contacts and expertise. I’ve also defined my own approach to consulting, and can better leverage those skills by working for myself,” Scott explained.

Scott says that he defines his role as a ‘problem solving consultant’.

“Our single most powerful attribute is to be able to look at a problem from a different perspective,” Scott said.

“I break down the issues, then put them back together and see if it they make sense. A lot of insight comes out of that process. Many people are too close to their issue and they may also have legacy issues. I deemphasise domain expertise. The client is the expert. I bring the outsider’s view to the issue,” Scott outlined.

According to Scott, his clients are mainly in the Commonwealth Government.

“The issues where we are confident in engaging with are complex national security issues with multiagency aspects such as counterterrorism, border security and maritime security.

The more agencies that are likely to be in the mix then the more complex the dynamic is likely to be,” Scott said.

Over the next couple of years Scott would like to build a modest team of consultants who love what they do and have built a reputation for high quality problem solving consulting.

“The main advantage that we have at the moment is ‘small is beautiful’. When you engage Brady Perspectives you are buying our core capability and our devoted attention,” Scott concluded.

Scott Brady
Principal Consultant
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Web: www.bradyperspectives.com

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