November 2015 Issue 110

Good Times Ahead

B2B Editor12 November 2015

Good Times Ahead

Everyone is feeling good about the change of prime minister from Abbott to Turnbull. The weather is improving, the grass is growing and the birds are chirping. We are on the the downhill run into Christmas and a well deserved break with family, friends and relatives. But has anything really changed politically, or is Prime Minister Turnbull just better at the spin. I suppose the answer is yes, he is a far better communicator and, well, it really depends on your politics as to whether the government needed to change its policies anyway … Ok then, so why are we all feeling so good about the change? It is an interesting phenomenon that the colour of a tie, the way hands are shook or three word slogans can end a political career. Not only has Mr Turnbull been able to reverse 30 consecutive losing polls for Mr Abbot to a potentially decisive win for his government,but he has also been able to switch the coalitions negative focus on refugees, security and counter terrorism, to that of the ‘there’s never been a better time to be an Australian’ ten-word agenda. Also the language of his foot soldiers (ministers) has also changed dramatically.They are being positive about their portfolios, they are embracing the approach of Mr Turnbull’s ten-word slogan. And why wouldn’t they, our whole economy is basically built on confidence. If we all feel confident in our leaders and our economy, then we go out there and borrow,invest, employ, spend etc. Confidence is what primes our economy and makes us the wealthy country that we know and love. A lack of confi dence does the exact opposite.No borrowing, building, employing, spending etc. Funny how a gut feeling can have such fl ow on in the economy and our lives. Of course there are other major factors that impact on the Australian economy such as China and our reliance on digging stuff up and shipping it off … but that is fodder for another note. I personally think that the Australian economy is in for good times under a Turnbull led government. Let’s hope they are spread around a bit.

Congratulations RSM on their global rebrand. This issues features RSM in Canberra and many of their senior staff. RSM in Canberra has also moved into new premises in Deakin after 15 years on Northbourne Avenue. B2B congratulates Frank Lo Pilato, and his 110 staff, on their move.

Tim Benson, Publisher
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