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You only get one first impression: Brand CBR

B2B Editor14 September 2016

You only get one first impression: Brand CBR

Our senses are a driving force in shaping our imagination, perceptions and desires. A song can revive a childhood memory, a smell might make us crave a certain food, and an image can help us create a vision of a place we love or would love to visit.

Research tells us people better remember what they see than what they hear or read. This reality is part of the philosophy behind the creation of brands and associated logos.

A strong brand will subtly and instantly convey a message to an audience. There will be an association made – good or bad – to a brand. For example, if someone said to you right now Which Bank?, Finger-Lickin’ Good, or Jobs and Growth, it would likely create a feeling, a view, a picture in your mind.

When done well, the feeling attached to a brand will be exceptionally and uniformly positive.

Canberra Business Chamber and the ACT Government have banded together to develop Brand CBR; a powerful brand to promote Canberra as a vibrant place to live,work, visit, learn and invest. Our region is one of ‘Brilliant Possibilities’ and this lies at the heart of Brand CBR.

The Brand CBR program is all about helping people and businesses better understand and connect with Canberra.It provides a consistent platform to tell our unique story in order to increase national and global awareness of the Canberra Region.

Today first impressions count more than ever – and they are often made from a distance. People may judge a city or destination before they even step foot there thanks to the internet and social media making information more readily available than ever before.

Considering the growing competition between cities around the world for talent, investors, visitors and students, Canberra needs an excellent first impression.

The idea of Brand CBR is to share our positive reputation and differentiate Canberra from other cities and regions. The goal is to tell people what is special about our region and have these instantly come to mind whenever anyone mentions the Australian capital.

Developing a strong brand for Canberra makes good business sense.If we attract more people, spending and investment to our region, it means more skills, more jobs, more services, more prosperity and a better way of life.

We all have an important role in sharing with others all the Canberra Region has to offer. The CBR Brand helps us to each find an individual way to promote the ACT, but to do it in a cohesive way.


There are a variety of ways in which businesses can fly the Brand CBR flag. You can use the logo in your own marketing, share stories about your experiences here in the ACT using the hashtags #WEARECBR and #CBR, and make CBR part of your organisation’s language.

A Business Partnership Guide has been developed to help local businesses learn more about the many ways they can highlight Brand CBR and utilise it to promote their own business to a wider audience.

Being located in the ACT can be a significant selling point. The Canberra Region has many strengths that make it an incubator for excellent goods and services as well as an attractive place to invest, visit and do business.

However, while businesses often have a great pitch about what they can offer a potential customer, they may be faced with limited knowledge about Canberra. For some potential customers, this lack of understanding could impact on their decision to purchase a good or service from an ACT-based business.

The Brand Canberra Program has a number of assets that can help you explain all the Canberra Region has to offer.

In particular, it has a beautifully edited booklet full of gorgeous photos of our region and a summary of important facts about the ACT’s economy, population, easy access to markets, and business and investment opportunities.It highlights the ACT’s status as the capital of Australia and home to its Parliament and many national institutions.The booklet focuses on the region’s reputation as a knowledge hub, its outstanding education system, and culture of innovation and R&D.

Badges and lanyards are also available to people travelling to tradeshows, conferences or on business trips so they can show their pride in Canberra and the region.

A new video has just been released to showcase Canberra as a premier business event destination. You can find a link to this video at business-support-programs/brand cbr. The more widely this is circulated, potentially more business visitors will come to our region and enjoy our great hospitality, dining and shopping as well as be more inclined to do business with us in the future.

These assets are designed to help people promote their own business, our city and region and the CBR brand.

To learn more about Brand CBR, contact Debra Surman, Program Manager Brand CBR at [email protected].

Robyn Hendry, CEO
Canberra Business Chamber
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