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Forms analyst and designer

B2B Editor 1 March 2013
A form is a document that is used to gather information. They are a tool within an organisation to provide a guide or a structure to a process or an assessment for a claim or required action.
To ensure everyone who applies for a server or benefit is treated the same way, the form provides the questions that are required of the applicant(s). The answers to the questions are then processed and the resulting service or benefit can be provided in the same manner to a multiple of applicants.
If the questions are easy to understand, the instructions or directions are understood and the responses are not open to interpretation, it is expected that the cost to fix any errors will be reduced.
I have been a forms analyst and designer for over 20 years. I have had the privilege to have been taught by and worked with the best in our field. Most of the forms I have worked on have been for government organisations and for small organisations, using best practice forms design.
I like to work with the team members of the organisation while developing their forms. The person who requires the form will have ideas on what they want. I like to assist in the development of the form, to help make the questions as clear as possible, without changing the purpose of the question. To have the questions flow in a logical order, for both the person completing the form and for the assessment process.
The ‘artwork’ I work on, is suitable for press printing or for online use. The costs to develop a system based online form can be high (particularly if there are many drafts, to get to final). To present the information and questions, in the development stages as a printed form, assists with working through the flow of the questions and the related information, before the system online form is created.
I can help develop your form and related information product, typeset your forms for printing and for online use.
Marina Thompson
Forms Analyst and Designer
T: 6292 2651 | M: 0419 140 966

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