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Five steps to improve your website


What would you do if a potential customer walks through youroffice or shop door? Would you ignore them? Would you try to findout what they are looking for? Would you not direct them to the rightdepartment or shelf? Many potential and existing customers fly throughyour website every day. You can use following steps to improve yourwebsite and possibly boost your conversion rate.

1. Know your visitors
First things first – you got to know who you are talking to online.Your website could be attracting many different types of visitors andit is obviously hard to please everyone. But, you should know yourcore visitors or target market. Where do they come from? Why toyour website? How long do they stay for? How important are they for your business?
Understanding the behaviour of your online visitors is the key to improving the effectiveness of your website.
2. Answer their key questions 
Once you know and understand your visitors, the next step is toaddress their problem. What are they looking for on your website?The best way to think is, what would you have answered if they wereto come to you in person? Resolve their query through your websiteby pointing them to the right solution.
3. Establish trust online
Trust is the most important ingredient of any relationship. There is nosilver bullet for this; every business is different. It is not just about thelook and feel of your website. Understanding the behaviour of yourvisitors will allow you to understand how to go about establishing trust online. In most cases, whatever works offline will work online also.
4. Seek customer feedback
Although putting yourself in your customer’s shoes is a great way toanalyse and improve a website, it just cannot replace the value of realcustomer feedbacks.
Remember, small things count! Try it; you will besurprised by the feedbacks.
5. Manage expectations
Represent your business well. Your website should reflect thecore values of your organisation. The client should not feel anydiscrepancy between your physical and online presence.Don’t underestimate your website.It represents your business 24/7. Take the time to get it right. Once you have gone through theimprovements, promote your website wherever you can.
I would love to discuss your website and how you can improve it. Weoffer free one hour consultation for this. Simply call me on 1300 785 230or drop me an email on [email protected]

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