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Facebook vs Google advertising

B2B Editor19 April 2017

Facebook vs Google advertising

Some people say, they have spent money on Google Adwords, but it didn’t work for them or someone tried using Facebook advertising for their business and it did not give them any business. I often come across businesses with such issues and I believe the solution is as simple as understanding the advertising platforms better. So, I have put together this article for those who are interested in getting better results from their Facebook vs Google advertising.

  • What makes them different? – I am sure we all know, Google is a search engine. Think of it like an interactive version of the old yellow book with wikipedia combined. When people search for products or services, you want to be found on it before your potential customers find someone else. Facebook on vthe other hand is a social media tool – think of it more like a social club. People come to Facebook to engage with their friends and family, they are not really actively looking for a product or service.
  • Hot leads vs Cold Calling? – On Google, users are actually searching for someone to help them with their problem. They probably want help sooner than later. So, when you advertise on Google for that product or service, it is likely to give you more hot leads. Facebook advertising on the other hand is like modern day cold-calling. Your ads are likely to pop-up in between their social life. Although you can customise to target demographics and interests, the customers are not really seeking your help.
  • How to advertise? – As you can tell, the target market may be the same, but the functions of the two platforms are very different. They serve two very different needs. This is why the way you create Google Adwords need to be very different to that of Facebook. You will have to entice potential customers differently to make your advertising effective. The landing page will also play a significant role in boosting your conversions. Take the time to understand what your target market on each platform might be looking for. They may have different needs and priorities. Try different kinds of offers to see what works best.

The best thing about online marketing is that unlike traditional medium, you can fine-tune and evolve your adverts as you learn more about your customers. It may take some time to understand what actually works for your own business. So, don’t give up quickly. Be willing to try different versions to find out what works better for you. Generally speaking, for instant hot leads, Google might work better and Facebook is ideal for brand awareness and customer education. In essence, you should use a combination of the two mediums to best promote your business. If you need help, give me a call or drop me a line.

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