Elite Agent 2019 Top 50 Real Estate Industry Influencers

Wendy Johnson20 January 2020
home.byHolly team

Holly Komorowski (centre), founder of home.byholly, says her team operates with an innovative spirit. Photo: home.byholly.

When Holly Komorowski looks at a property, she doesn’t see a structure with a foundation, roof, windows and a front door. She sees a rich story full of character and life.

It’s this unique approach that led Elite Agency to select home.byholly as one of its Top 50 Real Estate Industry Influencers for 2019.

The annual awards celebrate leadership. As best-selling author Robin Sharma wrote: “Leadership extends far beyond title or designation. It’s about impact, influence and inspiration. Impact involves getting results, influence is about spreading the passion you have for your work, and you have to inspire teammates and customers.”

Elite Agent is a specialist and widely respected publishing and education company for the real estate industry.

The 2019 influencers have moved the industry forward in different and better ways, creating change through clever innovation and/or by coaching others to succeed, so Holly is rightly proud to have picked up a gong.

Holly was honoured for the innovative spirit her entire team applies to tailoring marketing campaigns unique to each client and property. In doing so, home.byholly works with some of the best in Canberra’s creative world, including Swell Design Group, largely responsible for the company’s fresh branding that broke the mould for the real estate industry, and Adam McGrath, who snaps the company’s warm and inviting photos, capturing each property’s genuine character.

“I realised early that tapping into the expertise of others and forming a collective of highly skilled, intelligent, creative and talented individuals would continually inspire us and enable us to lead the charge in changing the traditional real estate approach and formula,” says Holly.

Friendly, authentic and honest is the home.byholly mantra, with the team believing buying and selling a home is a deeply personal and real-life experience that requires consummate care and commitment.

home.byholly also avoids the typical industry template approach by collaborating with other influencers, cross-promoting with businesses and sponsoring events like Design Canberra.

“We don’t see the real estate industry as isolated, but rather part of a bigger picture,” she says.

Holly wasn’t the only Canberra real estate industry influencer to pick up an Elite Agency 2019 award. Hannah Gill, Managing Director, Property Management at Independent did too, describing the recognition as “incredibly humbling”.

Hannah Gill

Hannah Gill from Independent is an Elite Agent Top 50 Industry Influencer. Photo: Supplied.

Hannah is active at senior levels in the industry, sitting on the Real Estate Institute of Australia ACT Board and its property management chapter, actively helping lobby government on legislative changes. She also speaks at conferences around Australian and New Zealand, including at the Leading Property Managers of Australia and New Zealand, and Property Management Learning Retreat.

At Independent, one of the ACT’s biggest real estate agencies, Hannah runs the capital’s largest property management team and rent roll. Hannah manages 62 staff and is passionate about leadership, professional growth and hands-on mentoring and coaching.

As if the personal award wasn’t enough, Hannah was also recognised as an Elite Agent top business for 2019 for a new consultancy she launched with friend and colleague Grace Hooper.

Gill & Hooper not only provides exceptional service to the property management industry, it works to help businesses around Australia improve client experience and deliver best practice operations.

“Through Gill & Hooper, and in collaboration with Elite Agent, we launched Street MBA, a series of series of study tours around Australia and New Zealand for property management business leaders,” says Hannah. “It’s been extremely well received by industry as a way to learn and network in a structured but intimate setting.”

Original Article published by Wendy Johnson on The RiotACT.

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