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Don’t just buy impressions – make an impression!

B2B Editor18 July 2017

Last week, a business owner who has been finding it hard to grow their business, told me that digital marketing does not work for them. When I hear people make such strong claims, I feel disappointed for two reasons – one, some digital agency did not do their job properly and two, this old established business is possibly giving business away on a silver platter to new competitors because of the lack of new opportunities.

Let’s dig on this a little deeper. In the marketing world, ‘Impressions’ basically means that your advert appeared in front of someone. Impressions have been one of the widely exploited statistics from time immemorial – be it newspapers, television or online. Just because your advert has had 20,000 impressions, doesn’t mean you actually made any impression on any of them. It doesn’t say anything about the type of audience, the effect of that impression or if it prompted anyone to take any action. It simply gives you an opportunity to put forward your message in front of someone.How to make it effective, is a much more important question.

Many people claim to know digital marketing but only a few really understand the art of making it work effectively. My advise to you is simple; focus on making an impression rather than just counting them. If you run a campaign with an objective of getting leads and you are getting the impressions but not the clicks, then you shouldn’t just assume that the medium doesn’t work for you. Take another look at your audience, your ad, your message, your landing page and your call-to-action. If your objective was to get clicks and it didn’t work as expected, there could be more than one reasons for it not working.

There has been many cases where I have taken over a campaign and it has almost doubled the conversion simply by taking a fresh look at various things. Few days ago, a client for whom we had setup an initial online campaign, which worked really well for them contacted me. After that campaign, they tried another digital agency (belonging to their friend) for 3 months, but their click-through-rate, conversion and many other statistics declined significantly as a result. They have asked me to re-look at their online marketing so that we can get them back to where they were before. I am not saying I have all the answers but we focus on continuous learning and work very hard to get results for our clients.

Getting impression may look like a simple task, but making an impression to your audience is an art. Don’t let your business suffer from growth deficiency. If you need help, feel free to claim your free discovery session with me.

by Sam Gupta

Sam Gupta is the managing director of Synapse Worldwide.
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