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Does BYOD stand for Bring Your Own Disaster?

B2B Editor 4 September 2013
BYOD might just be the biggest security risk the private and public sector has ever faced. Corporate and government security in relation to intellectual property, operational data and national security has never faced a greater security issue. The age of social media, frictionless document sharing and multiple network access points all enabled by mobile devices is any Chief Information Security Officer or Chief Technology Officer’s nightmare.
Picture this.
A disgruntled employee planning on making the jump to a competitor takes their smartphone with them. All client details, confidential pricing documentation, VPN and Wi-Fi passwords and everything else generated by the company fall directly into the hands of a competitor.
A government employee with access to sensitive information downloads an application to their smartphone thinking it is a harmless productivity tool. Unwittingly this application uses the smartphone to access supposedly secure information via a VPN and distributes this information to public message boards and open forums.
A C-level executive working on a business relationship that directly affects company share price sends an email to an associate from his tablet. Without his knowledge an external third party access this email and then acts on this information. The company share price drops by 25% in the next three hours.
The question is how can you stop these data and security breaches when the devices creating these threats are as fragmented as the security policies that are meant to prevent them?
So how do we protect our organisation against this very real risk? Enter MDM or to the layperson, Mobile Device Management.
MDM is delivered as mobility as a service (MAAS) and controls connected devices across multiple security layers and directly combats and stops the above scenarios from ever happening.
Through developing security policies directly related to company policies and implementing them through a MAAS platform, you no longer have to bring your own disaster into the work place.
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