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Digital marketing and your business

B2B Editor7 April 2016

Digital marketing and your business

Digital Marketing is an over-used yet under-explored phrase now a days. Many claim to know it but only a few seem to get it. If you are an offline or ‘bricks & mortar’ business and looking to generate more leads and sales using online marketing, this article will cover the basics for you.

These are the 5 digital tools every offline business should be using for digital marketing.

1. Google My Business/Maps

It is a must for every business that has a shop-front or office. Fill out or check your business information and create a free Google+ page for your business.

2. Search Engine Ranking

I am going to assume that you already have a website. If you don’t, get one done. A simple website is better than no website. More importantly, make sure your website is optimised to rank high on search engines. When people look online for products or services you sell, it is important that they find you with ease.

3. Search Engine Advertising

Even if you don’t have a website, you can advertise on search engines like Google, using Adword Express. It is really simple to setup and relatively cost effective. You can get started from as low as $10/day.

4. Facebook Page/Likes/Check-ins

Facebook is another free online tool that every offline business should have. If you don’t have one, you can very easily create a personal Facebook account for yourself and then create a page for your business with your address and other details. Most of your customers are likely to have Facebook. Once you have a business page, you can invite them to like the page and/or check-in when they visit you.

In fact, here is what I am going to do for you; if you don’t have a Facebook page yet – mention this article and I will create a Facebook page for your business for FREE. Yup, no hidden agenda or cost. Even if you think it won’t be of any use to you, just get one done. You will thank me afterwards.

5. Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising is another very simple and cost effective avenue to advertise your product or services online. No, you won’t be doubling up if you advertise on both Facebook and Google. They are two different mediums. Customise your adverts and posts for each target market.

One of the first things you must remember is that although the marketing landscape has changed significantly, the market itself hasn’t changed much. The basic marketing rules still apply. Not everyone is your customer. It’s all about solving someone’s problem. 100% of your customers are people. So, don’t be overwhelmed with the digital world. It is simpler than you think.

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