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Cost saving and productivity telephony solutions

Cost saving and productivity telephony solutions
Every organisation, no matter what its size, must be able to  deliver both precise and rapid services to meet today’s high  customer expectations.
Over the past decade telephony has transformed from fixed  line phone calls to the cost effective use of the Internet Protocol  (IP) for calls (VoIP – Voice over Internet Protocol); through Unified  Communications’ applications that deliver the seamless linking of  calls, voicemail, presence and instant messaging to all users. as well  as software based reception consoles and IP contact centres; and  to the current era of Collaboration where applications can now  drive video conferencing and desktop sharing across any device,  anywhere.
From the proven success of its services to public sector  customers, Correct Comms is now bringing its range of IP  telephony, networking, security and data networking services to  the ACT’s private sector.
Andrew Weir, General Manager of Correct Comms said: “We  needed a vehicle to reach into Canberra’s small to large companies  and not-for-profit organisations. BNI is proving its worth in giving  us access to local executives who are looking for ways to streamline  their businesses.”
Correct Comms’ IP-based telephony solutions ensure cost  savings and productivity gains through:
• Removing phone-only cabling and reducing fixed line rental  costs
• Cheaper call rates
• Easy, self-service for moves, additions or changes to the phone  system
• The use of desktop presence/chat clients, voicemail-to-email,
Click to Call, Single Number Reach and video conferencing.
Correct Comms’ has become the only Canberra-based  supplier to achieve highly sought-after Cisco Advanced Unified  Communications certification and recognition as a Cisco  Telepresence Video Authorised Technology Provider.
“With these achievements, smaller organisations can  rely on our recommendations; they can be confident  we have the skillset to design an affordable system that  will take their business into the future. And our  implementations assure voice  quality and platform reliability to  the highest standards,” Andrew
Weir said.  Andrew Weir
Correct Communications Pty Ltd
National Surveyors House, 4/27-29 Napier
Close DEAKIN ACT 2600
P: 02 6176 8280 | M: 0438 693 712

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