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B2B Editor19 June 2015

The world is changing. People want things now. People want things cheap. However, these are not always the things that we should strive for.

Tony Woods, owner of Concrete Benches, is an artisan driven by quality and sustainability. Tony wants to bring back the value in handcrafted items that will last for years to come.

While a diesel fitter by trade, Tony found his calling when creating a concrete top for a pizza oven to sit in a mate’s outdoor kitchen.

Two years of training and testing followed before Concrete Benches was born. It is now a successful small business making concrete bench tops and vanities, mainly for high-end residences.

“Concrete… but isn’t that what my driveway is made of? If only I had a dollar for every time I heard that,” Tony says. However, this outdated concept of what concrete is could not be further from the truth.

Modern additives can create concrete that is able to be manipulated into previously unthinkable designs and using various techniques we can achieve some unique finishes.

When designers and architects understand how versatile the material is, it opens up a whole new avenue. The possibilities start rolling in.

“This is how items like the cantilevered kitchen bench came into existence,” explains Tony.

Tony recently participated in a collaboration with a Melbourne based furniture designer to produce a bespoke table, featuring a walnut base with a concrete top.

The table was offered as first prize for one of the competitions at the recent DEN Furniture Design Fair in Melbourne.

Concrete Benches has also recently branched out to include making pizza ovens in your outdoor entertaining area. Tony will come out to you to discuss your expectations, colours and to get a real feel for the space.

This helps to give him a good understanding of your requirements and make sure that the concrete you choose is the best choice for you.

Tony Woods, Artisan, Concrete Benches
M: 0424 167 772
E: [email protected]