Is your company a member of Strata Community Australia?

B2B Editor21 March 2017

Is your company a member of Strata Community Australia?

By now, those of you who own a unit, apartment or townhouse would be aware of Strata Community Australia. SCA is the peak industry body for anyone involved in unit titles, body corporate, or owners corporations. This includes strata managers, service contractors, lawyers, unit owners, or anyone with an interest in the strata industry.

Each State & Territory has an SCA Branch or Chapter. SCA (ACT) strives to improve professionalism and knowledge of strata managers, and advocates for the rights of unit owners in Canberra.

A major focus of SCA (ACT) over the last few years has been on the education and ongoing professional development of strata managers in the ACT. With the assistance of the SCA National office, strata managers in Canberra have never been more educated and armed with the skills and tools to be the best strata managers they can be.

Today, a new strata manager will undertake the SCA A-100 course, which is a comprehensive, non-legislative specific, introduction to strata management. As they progress in their career, an SCA aligned strata manager will complete a Certificate III and then onto a Certificate 4 in property services, specifically tailored to strata management.

What does a better educated and trained strata manager mean to you, the unit owner?
Well it means better service, greater efficiency, a strata manager that can give you the advice and guidance you need, and the possibility of bringing your levies down through being better equipped to handle multiple issues all at once.

Today, there are more than double the number of strata management firms in the ACT, than there were four or five years ago. Each of them offer something different in terms of their philosophy to delivering a quality strata management service. Having a Strata Manager who is a member of SCA (ACT) has many benefits like as mentioned, but simple things like members abiding by a code of ethics and code of conduct, also gives unit owners peace of mind when dealing with their SCA (ACT) member Strata Manager.

Owners Corporations who might be seeking a new manager are now asking the question of a prospective strata management firm, “Is your company a member of Strata Community Australia (ACT)?”

Tim Maly
President – Strata Community Australia (ACT)
Mobile: 0447 820 032

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