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Chamber assistance available to you in 2013

B2B Editor1 January 2013
The ACT & Region Chamber of Commerce & Industry supports all business in the ACT and surrounding region. The Chamber is unique as our membership is extremely diverse. Our members range in size from nonemployers to national organisations and we have members from all industries. Canberra is a fantastic community, and we offer our members the same sense of community.
The Chamber’s expert staff enables us to deliver an extensive and professional range of services to our members. Greg and Scott provide business specific services for employers including a Workplace Relations Hotline for information on wages, award matters and access to member’s rates on services such as Workplace agreements, termination, redundancy procedures, occupational health and safety and workers compensation. In addition, we can represent your business in the Fair Work Australia Commission on claims such as unfair dismissal. The team conduct regular workshops providing information to employers and representatives on a number of topics including Bullying & Harassment and Managing & Training your Customer Service Team.
As of 1 January 2012, the ACT Government now requires contractors to possess an Industrial Relations and Employment Obligations Certificate (IRE Certificate) in order to be eligible to bid for, participate in, or work on an ACT Government building project. The ACT & Region Chamber of Commerce & Industry has been authorised to assess applications by contractors wishing to obtain an IRE Certificate. Greg and Scott are available for further information.
The varied networking events offered at the Chamber aid in building strong professional relationships, and provide you with an environment in which you can discuss concerns and issues with likeminded people. These events also provide an opportunity to share your achievements and keep up to date with what is going on in your business community. The Young Business Network, Women in Business and Business after Business events provide opportunity not only for employers but for employees also. The Women in Business series is the’ Premier Business Community for Women in Canberra’. This series in 2013 will provided fantastic networking opportunities as well as a professional development aspect. Sam and Sarah are available should you have any enquiries regarding marketing, events and communications.
Further staff training and development is not only of benefit to employees, it is of benefit to your business. This has shown to be useful in retaining valuable staff; you are willing to financially invest in them and in return they remain loyal, hard working and happy in their roles. Our Employment, Education and Training team offer a vast range of opportunities for your business. Jo Powell provides information and advice on nationally recognised vocational qualifications for your staff and any other education and training issues. The Ready team seeks and establishes sustainable partnerships between education and training providers, business and industry, parents and family and community groups. Trevar, Beth and Jo develop effective programs that support young people so that they remain engaged or re-engage in education or training and realize their full social and economic potential.
The Chamber continues to lobby business views to government on legislation in a wide range of areas including work cover, education, employment, planning, skills shortages, parking and other policy issues. The Chamber works closely with political leaders and Government to create positive outcomes for business. Staff members sit on a variety of committees and advisory bodies such as the Educational Ministerial Round table, ACT Worksafety Council, Red Tape Reduction Panel, the ACT Taxation Review Roundtable and Australian Chamber of Commerce & Industry Workplace Policy Committee.
I am extremely proud to work for the Chamber and I am rewarded daily knowing that we are making a difference by helping businesses to achieve their goals. I am focused on providing members a key point of contact and I am always available to assist with any enquiries.
If you would like further information with regard to
Chamber services and membership, please contact Jo
Madsen, Business Development Manager on (02) 6283