Challenging preconceptions

B2B Editor1 October 2014

New apartment-living options for over 60s enable active, social living for retirees who fear losing the daily interactions of the workplace.

For many of us, the workplace is a source of daily interaction, social connection and mental stimulation that we will miss upon retirement – even if we’re counting the days.

There’s a preconception that losing the daily stimulation of the workplace represents the beginning of a protracted slow-down.

The reality is that new apartment complexes for over-60s, like The Central, challenge preconceptions about retirement living. Rather than adjusting your lifestyle to “suit your age”, it is about adjusting your accommodation to suit the active, full lifestyle you desire.

“The physical design of The Central consists of shared courtyard gardens plus a residents’ club lounge and gym, that will provide ample opportunity to meet neighbours or share a quiet drink,” said Jim Purcell, Goodwin’s Executive Manager, Retirement Living.

“We also have an onsite Lifestyle Officer whose role it is to fill a creative social calendar for residents every week.

“Many of our first residents are older singles, who’ve been attracted by the social aspects.”

“I tell people this is a community of like-minded people over 60, who don’t want to bother maintaining their large homes anymore, and they just want a lifestyle that suits them,” said Jenny Weire, an incoming resident of The Central.

“My kids love it here too. It’s a beautiful place for families to socialise, there are lots of places around Crace you can go,” Jenny said. Crace was recently awarded the Best Master Planned Community in the National Property Council of Australia Awards.

Alongside local volunteering work and an active social life including local walking groups, Jenny leads travel groups through Europe. “I can just take off,” Jenny said. “I don’t have to worry about the maintenance of a house or garden, there’s someone to collect my mail or anything I need.”

“Downsizing in this case,” Jim adds, “is about facilitating the travel you can do now that you’re not tied to a job”.

Then let’s get things rolling!

Talk to our sales team today to find out how The Central can let you focus on good things in life.


Wednesday 11am-1pm and Saturdays 10am-2pm or by appointment.

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