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Capital ambition – using the Canberra advantage to boost economy


We have every reason to be optimistic and ambitious. That is why my government is taking the bold steps now to deliver the benefits Canberrans need over the next 20 years.

In my recent State of the Territory address, I launched the ACT’s Government’s Statement of Ambition for Canberra – which outlines a clear trajectory to deliver a compact and competitive Canberra for all.

Canberra: a statement of ambition was developed in collaboration with Dr Tim Williams, chief executive of the Committee for Sydney. Dr Williams as one of the world’s leading policy makers on urban regeneration and city development and a member of ARUPs Australasia’s Cities team.

It is a key statement of what comes next for Canberra: winning the global contest for investment and talent – opening and diversifying our knowledge-based economy–better metropolitan infrastructure – and integrated smart-city initiatives.

While our aim is the urban renewal and economic diversification of Canberra, at the core of our vision is a city that is an inclusive, welcoming society, open to diverse talents and determined to help everyone reach their fullest potential.

Jobs now follow smart people and talent to the places they want to be. That’s why being the world’s most liveable city is so central to Canberra’s advantages. It means better access to talent for our businesses and higher education and research facilities, and as we continue to attract smart people, the employers will follow. We are already the world’s most liveable city, so we start with a significant advantage, but we need to offer the lifestyle, event, transport and housing options that people want.

Our task is to ensure that as Canberra grows and develops, we build on the ‘Canberra Advantage’ while retaining what makes it special. A place all Canberrans – and the nation – can be proud of, with a confident community and economy, prepared for the opportunities and challenges ahead.

The ACT Government has made significant strides in the past 12 months on our vision for Canberra. We have supported the arrival of international flights to our city and we have introduced nation leading regulations to allow for legal ride sharing services. We have begun work on Canberra’s next hospital, supported the growth of our tertiary education institutions and selected a world leading light rail provider to start work on the city wide light rail network for Canberra.

This is the business of good government –vision, plan, and progress – and it is what my team has worked on delivering every day.

But what our city needs now is more than good management and progress, but leadership in a genuine, collaborative, long-term project for this decade and beyond.

I have said on many occasions that Canberra cannot grow by continuing to sell to ourselves. We must look outward to national and international markets. This statement outlines how the Government will support local businesses in selling themselves to new markets, and how the government will promote our city to attract new businesses.

We have every reason to be optimistic and ambitious. That is why my government is taking the bold steps now to deliver the benefits Canberrans need over the next 20 years.

Andrew Barr
Chief Minister of the Australian Capital Territory (ACT)

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