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Capcorp: building confidence

B2B Editor20 October 2015

Capcorp Constructions Pty Ltd, is the logical extension of renowned local building firm Capezio & Co. established by Don Capezio in 1995. Together they build on a family heritage that spans three generations and more than 50 years in the Canberra region.

Capezio & Co. is still trading as part of the Capcorp Group and is focusing on delivering high quality residential projects. Capcorp Constructions is focusing on larger multi-unit residential and commercial projects and aims to deliver a bigger and better service to their established and future clients.

“My father always said ‘build our client’s buildings as well as we build our own – build it as if you were going to live or work in it’ and this mantra is still the driving principle in all we do. We strive for excellence and our view is if we can’t build excellence then let’s not build it at all,” Don Capezio, Capcorp Director explained.

Capcorp has come about by a desire to better serve Capezio & Co.’s clients and also reward their key staff.

“We aim to expand our services and create further opportunities to achieve extraordinary building outcomes in our communities and contribute to a better quality of life,” Don outlined.

“And we will do so in a way that earns trust and continues to enhance our reputation.Capezio & Co. founded its reputation on earning trust by keeping promises, and communicating before proceeding, and this way of ‘doing things’ will continue to be the cornerstone of Capcorp.”

One of the new key staff at Capcorp is Construction Manager, Dylan Hughes.

Dylan joined Capcorp in 2013 after a career including time with John Holland, on the $150 million HMAS Harman Communications Facility for the Department of Defence, and over eight years with Lend Lease.

“I could see an exciting opportunity, with Capcorp’s focus on advancement & improvement, I have been able to step into a more senior management position and continue to grow with the business,” Dylan said.

Capcorp has meant better career paths and professional development opportunities for their team but it will still be guided by firmly held family values:

1. Quality is our number one value

2. Always perform with integrity. Build excellence and offer our clients our experience and our expertise

3. Build a team with great people and look after them

4. Build our clients buildings as well as we build our own

5. Always be available to our clients and staff

“Capcorp’s brand promise is ‘building excellence’ and that sums up our purpose and why we get up in the morning,” Don said. All the great elements of Capezio & Co have been retained and enhanced in the new entity.

“Nothing has changed – it has just got better. It all continues with the vision, values and ethics of a company led by the same family for three generations,” Don said proudly.

Dylan says the creation of Capcorp is a real sign of professionalism and confidence from Don and that it builds on the values of Capezio & Co and their 50 years of building excellence in Canberra.

One of the keys to Capcorp’s success is their adoption of the Early Contractor

Involvement (ECI) approach, this has led to the smooth running, and award winning delivery of a number of their recent projects. “ECI is where we get the builder involved earlier in the project to identify and minimise risks in the design phase rather than during construction,” Dylan explained.

Some of the key benefits of ECI are:

* Through investing quality time in the planning stage there are savings in later unforeseen expenditure

* Early involvement minimises risks and maximises budgets

* Early involvement increases value through innovative enhancements and methods

* No surprises through the construction phase resulting in an on-time, on-budget and high quality outcome

Capezio & Co, and now Capcorp, have been responsible for the construction of many commercial, industrial and residential projects including retail, office fit outs, health and community facilities, storage facilities, showrooms and high quality multi-unit housing projects.

Some particular projects of note in recent years have included: David Harper House for Goodwin in Monash, Crace Medical Centre, showrooms for Mercedes-Benz Canberra and Gulson Canberra, along with a very solid history of successful delivery of many education and early learning facilities.

Another area where Capcorp has been developing its skills and systems is the delivery of remediation projects, whether as a standalone project such as the Kingston Former Transport Depot Re-roof or the Canberra Brickworks Remediation Project, or as part of a larger project where a section of site requires remediation.

“It is becoming a much more common occurrence to find a site with some form of contamination that requires specialist treatment or removal prior to the start of building works, a discipline that Capcorp now excels in.” says Dylan.

Dylan sees some optimism for the Canberra economy over the next decade.

“The government investing in infrastructure such as The Majura Parkway, City to the Lake, and light rail, will drive investment in Canberra. Other infrastructure will need to be built and older buildings will need to be refurbished. I believe the market is coming back from a downturn,” Dylan said.

Dylan’s vision for Capcorp is to see it continue to grow, and be recognised as a high quality builder of choice in the Canberra Region.

“We want to continue building excellence in the region and to specialise in high quality projects such as commercial buildings, showrooms, and multi-unit residential developments”.

And the last word should be left to Don Capezio:

“I am very proud of Capcorp and all of our 20 plus strong team. Our philosophy has always been to have a ‘hands on’ approach where management is actively involved in the business. We look forward to continuing to serve our clients with integrity,experience,expertise and building excellence.”

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 02 6239 1113
Office: Unit 2/2 Yallourn Street Fyshwick