Canberra Web Your Local Web Design Company

B2B Editor4 September 2013

Canberra Web Your Local Web Design Company


Canberra Web is Canberra’s premier webdesign company. Since its foundation in 2010,Canberra Web has been at the forefront of its competitors providing modern, cost effective web presence for local and interstate businesses.

Canberra Web specialises in responsive web design. Responsive websites display differently depending on the device a visitoris using, providing the website in an attractive and easy to consume format, tailored tosuit smartphones, tablets, small screens ordesktop computers. In today’s market, whereover 50% of browsers accessing the Internetare on mobile devices, businesses can’t affordto have a website that is not mobile-friendly.
If a website is not responsive, it forcesusers who are visiting the site on a phone ortablet to scroll around the page and zoomin and out constantly. This extra effort forthe user will take its toll on the contacts thata business will get through the website astheir potential customer generally leaves forcompetitors that have had the foresight tohave a website that caters for mobile users.
Canberra Web can create the online storeyou need to get your business off the groundor give an even greater marketing boost toan existing business. Online stores play animportant role in today’s market – with more businesses preferring the low overheads andmore consumers preferring to shop from the comfort of their own home.
As experienced online store developers,Canberra Web uses the powerful Magentoe-commerce platform used by thousands of businesses nationally and internationally.With an advanced stock control system, easyto use product listing tools and a plethora offeatures and available extensions, Magentocan allow anyone to have an online storerunning smoothly and profitably in a very short period of time.
Canberra Web doesn’t just create thewebsite and configure it for you, when youhave a store built by Canberra Web you willbe given training on how to use Magento aspart of your package, so you can run yourshop independently.
The importance of dynamic designprinciples when creating a website is oftenoverlooked. It is important to have a websitedesign that not only reflects sound designprinciples but also reflects the individual character of the business; this is where dynamic design comes into play. “Using a dynamic design process is an efficient way to design a website that gives visitors what they need while letting the business express itself in the designof the website,” explains Michael, one of thesenior web developers at Canberra Web.
Developing websites based on static design documents like Photoshop mock-ups canresult in a rude shock for the customer whenthey discover that the website they had onpaper doesn’t work the way they had imagined which can cause long delays and increased costs as the website needs to be redesigned and rebuilt, sometimes from scratch.
When you choose to build a website with Canberra Web, you will be collaborating withan expert web developer. We provide anopportunity to have face-to-face meetingswhere you can discuss every detail of your project to ensure that the website will not onlylook fantastic and deliver informative content,but will reveal the things that make yourbusiness special. This is very difficult to achieve by communicating with a faceless entity viaemail or over the phone in an attempt toconvey what you want from your website.
Canberra Web boasts professional in-house graphic designers so customersdon’t have to outsource a graphic designerfor their artwork. “When I sit down with aclient to create something for their business,whether a logo or image, I always try to geta feel for what the customer is like and whatthey are trying to convey. This helps me towork out the best way to portray this in theartwork” quotes Isaac, one of the graphic designers at Canberra Web. With highly skilled graphic designers working in-house,Canberra Web can assist with anything from image manipulation, logo design and bannercreation through to new business branding from the ground up.
Before any work is commissioned,employees of Canberra Web discuss youroptions with you to determine which packageis appropriate. These packages include graphic design, web development and training -everything you need to go from an initialidea to a brilliant new website. Canberra Web offers fixed price packages which provide the best value for money and give customer’s the confidence that there are no nasty surprises waiting in the final invoice
Give Canberra Web a call today to book a time with one of our helpful web designers to discuss your obligation-free quote on 02 6223 2222 or visit our website and browse through our extensive portfolio of completed projects at www.canberraweb.com.au.