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B2B Editor21 February 2017

Sally Dooley, a Canberra based leadership development facilitator, executive coach and speaker is proud to announce the publication of her FIRST book, Ignite Your Leadership: Proven Tools for Leaders to Energize Teams, Fuel Momentum, and Accelerate Results, published by Motivational Press, USA.

The book is co-authored with 10 other leadership experts from across the globe, including experts from the United States, Czech Republic, Mexico and of course Australia. The group of authors met in 2011 while completing Jack Canfield’s (Success Coach and best-selling author) prestigious Train the Trainer program in the United States.

Sally states that, “the idea for this exciting and informative collaborative book project was born out of a desire to leverage the passion, leadership expertise and experience in the group. With our cultural diversity, we really represent the global face of leadership.”

Sally’s contribution to Ignite Your Leadership, reflects her expertise and passion in helping leaders create healthy and high-performing teams. Sally always aims to see team members engaged and empowered, and delivering their best work each day. She shares the latest research and practical strategies that leaders, at all levels, can easily implement.

Ignite Your Leadership covers a wide range of core topics regarding transformational leadership, including:

  • Developing self-awareness
  • Importance of knowing your “why”
  • Creating high employee and team engagement
  • Enlisting the power of possibility to create greater change
  • Tips for fostering creativity and innovation
  • The power of transparency

In conjunction with the book launch on February 21, the Ignite authors are hosting the “Ignite the Leader Within” virtual summit from February 13 to 26. Summit speakers include Jack Canfield, Jim Bunch known as “The Ultimate Entrepreneur” and Mind Movies co-founder Natalie Ledwell. Canberra’s own Francis Owusu – Founder of Kulture Break, and Jemimah Ashleigh co-founder of The Business Experiment podcast, will also share their knowledge alongside Sally Dooley. To register for the free summit and gain access to all the interviews go to:

For those interested in the book, Ignite Your Leadership, is available on Amazon:

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