What can XERO tell us about leadership? (Part 2)

B2B Editor11 November 2016

What can XERO tell us about leadership? (Part 2)

XERO entered Australian accounting software market seven years ago. They used to be a boutique-sized business; however, they brought a disruptive innovation that has changed the landscape of accounting industry. Software used to be installed in our computers; and accounting data were handled mostly offline from our desktops. When XERO came out, we just loved it. It allows us to access data from multiple devices. Our clients could now enjoy seeing financial reports from their mobile devices.

Many of our clients love XERO because it is highly customised to their business needs. A grocery owner, who has been our client for more than four years, shared with me that XERO was the best software to handle hundreds of transactions and still able to generate real-time report. That is the reason clients choose to subscribe and stay using XERO for long term.

Another user mentioned about the highly secured XERO account information. Confidential data is protected with security feature. This increases the user confidence in converting into cloud accounting. As for us accountants, XERO is an user-oriented software. We could vote for changes, posting our ideas, and sharing our thoughts in the community of experts. Tailored Accounts posted ideas, and some of them have been realised. XERO takes user feedback seriously with an open mind for change. Therefore, they could bring new ideas to the industry to leverage the strength of our innovation eco-system.

As an emerging software product, XERO still has room for improvement. However, XERO has always aimed for better outcomes. XERO open source software could enable companies to develop add-ons. There are more than five hundred add-ons currently to reduce manual work. XERO was good, has been good, and will be great in the future.

Tailored Accounts team attended to XEROCON SOUTH, which was one of the best conferences in our industry. I am impressed and inspired by the philanthropic thoughts of XERO leaders. XERO team was able to show us the leadership for a new era of cloud accounting. Tailored Accounts team and I are willing to help you know more about XERO system and become a part of the change.

Fuzuki Nishimura is the Team Leader at Tailored Accounts

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