What can XERO tell us about leadership? (Part 1)

B2B Editor14 October 2016

What can XERO tell us about leadership? (Part 1)

Coming back from XEROCON SOUTH in Brisbane, I kept asking myself about what have we learnt from the event. In the past, we tried to figure out the most suitable accounting software for our business and clients. XERO was the best choice. When at XEROCON SOUTH and talking to my colleagues, I realised that XERO is embarking in a leadership position in cloud accounting, which has never been taken by other big players.

I was keep asking myself about what we have gotten from the event. I asked staff to write a few words about their personal feeling so we can consolidate to a good article for B2B this month. Personally, as a CEO of an accounting practice, I am thinking more about the direction, the leadership of the accounting industry in which XERO play a very important part of the Eco system. 10 years ago we all know that MYOB, QuickBooks are the most popular accounting software for SMEs and Accountants.

These days, people are still comparing the pros & cons between different softwares including XERO, MYOB, and QuickBooks to figure out which the best solution for their business. A single article will not be enough to compare all these accounting software. However, from my experience at XEROCON, it is clearly to me that XERO is taking the leadership role which has never been taken before!

XERO has envisioned the future of cloud accounting and encouraged the partnership of bookkeeper – accountants to leverage our innovative ecosystem. XERO has successfully gathered more than two thousand bookkeepers and accountants at once. It is a significant act of leadership. XERO has proven that we accountants could change the world, just like Apple with its innovation novelty has introduced us to iPhones. Apple believes that iPhones are more than just mobile phones, and that is the reason Nokia and Sony have lost their market leadership role to Apple. Similarly, XERO software provides us more than a tool for accounting. In fact, it is the inspiration for growth.

In five years, there may be better integration amongst platforms, products, applications, and add-on features. Automation could eliminate the resource waste and improve the work accuracy. The gap between the known and unknowns may slowly but surely disappear. When you are in doubt of direction, you should connect to XERO. You could realise the direction where we are all heading. XERO is an inspiring leader that inspires us to excel in whatever we do.

Harry Hoang is CEO of Tailored Accounts

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