Can IT-support and customer-support exist in the same business?

B2B Editor10 February 2017

Can IT-support and customer-support exist in the same business?

Darko Reljic, founder and director of Empreus IT Support, is a young man, on the way up in the IT world, with a great story to tell. Darko is 22 years of age. He was born in Bosnia in 1994 and moved to Australia in the early 2000.

At Daramalan College he started to focus his attention on IT.

“I passed all of the Microsoft courses before leaving college,” Darko said proudly. But Darko says that times have changed in the IT world.

“Back then it was as simple as an ‘end computer, hub and a server’. Today you have an ‘end client, managed switch, and multiple servers that are virtual’,” Darko explained.

According to Darko, he chose IT as a career because his first mentor said ‘there was a lot of money in it’.

But first a little more about Darko.

His parents were farmers in Bosnia. They owned a house on top of a mountain. His brother moved to Australia and the rest of the family followed.

Darko is fluent in Serbian and English and has been back three times 2004, 2008 and 2012.

In 2013 Darko began his IT career at Unisys as a customer service engineer or as he calls it, ‘a tech’. Towards the end of his first year he got promoted to a system administrator.

In 2015 he moved to Cubic as a systems and Linux administrator. Darko then moved to F1 Solutions and then Datacom in March 2016.

With all this experience, it seems Darko was destined to start his own IT support business.

What Empreus IT Support does:

  • IT Support
    IT support is about peace of mind. If something goes wrong, you need to know that it won’t be for long. Empreus IT Support provides that peace of mind through full service IT support for your system.
  • IT Maintenance
    Empreus IT support are expert at fixing and maintaining network, systems and workstations on both large and small scales.
  • IT Networking
    Many businesses are held back by unreliable subpar network equipment. Whether you’re looking for a basic sharing network or a more complex network system across multiple locations and devices, our solutions will accommodate your business needs.
  • New Installations
    For new installations, we can help you pick from hundreds of workstations, printers, switches, routers, firewalls, and servers, leaving you to concentrate on running your business.

Darko launched his business, Empreus IT Support in march 2016.

“I won a major contract in my first month with a law firm, Marjason & Marjason Solicitors. This gave me the confidence and support to continue to grow my business,” Darko explained.

The business has continued to grow since then and Darko is currently in the process of tendering for an ACT Government department to take on their IT maintenance and support.

“I’m taking on Kowalski Recruitment for their IT maintenance and support and have a couple of other significant clients ready to come on board,” Darko outlined.

“I started my own IT support business because I saw a gap in the market for a provider that focused on customer service,” Darko stated.

Darko’s philosophy is that he aims to deliver the highest quality level or of service and products to his clients.

“Unfortunately, it is common, in the IT support industry, to recommend the most expensive solution to a problem. I believe that I can provide better service and more affordable solutions to these problems,” Darko explained.

He has a simple question he would like to put to the business community:

“Is your provider giving you the best solution, price and customer service or are they there to just cash another invoice?”

Darko says the products and solutions he implements are designed to be future proof.

“My solutions are future-ready so that, at a later date, you are able to upgrade and replace components instead of buying a brand-new server, network or desktop,” Darko said.

His client’s initial costs may be little higher, but the products are cheaper in the long run.

So where to for the future of IT?

According to Darko the future of IT is moving to a cloud and hybrid solution.

“The cloud part would be Azure, a virtual server that you would create and maintain, not having to buy a physical device. The next part would be Office 365 for the email solution. This would provide the latest technologies for a small business to a large enterprise, without a high upfront cost. Previously, this was only available at a high cost and to larger companies,” Darko detailed.

Darko explained that a hybrid part would be physical desktops, servers and network gear, but the applications would be used, and managed, by the application developer. These would include online MYOB or XERO, LEAP for legal software, and many others that have moved to this solution.

Darko says that DELL is providing one of the better solutions for value for money.

“DELLs provide quality equipment and are leading the market in their servers, network equipment and desktop,” Darko said.

What does the future hold for this young man on the rise?

“I would like to see my business grow and take on more clients, and see businesses upgrade their IT infrastructure and move to current equipment and solutions,” Darko concluded.

Darko Reljic, CEO
Empreus IT Support
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