Can you automate key tasks? Are you using software and apps?

B2B Editor30 January 2017

Welcome to the future. It’s pretty cool. If you find there are things that you are repeating over and over again in your business, have a look around and see if there are options available to automate them. There are so many cool tools available to us now in a range of fields to help collate ideas and improve work processes.

Here are five examples for you to have a look at:

1. Bookkeeping

Look at the new features offered by Xero, MYOB and Quick Books. Don’t forget to also look at the newer Add-Ons that work with these.

2. Inventory Management

Vend or Kounta

3. CRM and Project Management

Insightly or Salesforce.

4. Communication

Skype or Viber

5. Organisation

Evernote, Trello or Dropbox

Start searching to see what you can find that suits your business. There are solutions out there waiting to help you.

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