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Business looks to opportunities in light rail

B2B Editor10 December 2015

Business looks to opportunities in light rail

Large infrastructure projects – be they new housing developments, major roads, construction of essential
facilities such as hospitals and schools, or indeed light rail – tend to be greeted with mixed sentiments from the community. However, the one indisputable fact is that these projects provide opportunities for local businesses, local employment and growth.

One of the most significant infrastructure projects on the horizon for the ACT is commencement of the Capital Metro Light Rail Network Phase 1.

The Canberra Business Chamber (CBC) will now work closely with ACT Government and the business community towards that vision. This formal partnership was announced recently with the release of the Capital Metro Business Link program.Together we will prepare for the possibilities and challenges the Capital Metro Light Rail project will bring to the city, the economy and the community.

The Chamber will encourage businesses to be forward looking and to take advantage of the opportunities that may arise from changing community activity, employment,and the consumption of goods and services.
An Ernst and Young analysis has predicted that the development along the corridor of Phase 1 for Capital Metro could see around 50 000 jobs remaining along the corridor. These figures don’t include the 3500 jobs that will be created for the construction phase. So the potential benefits for local business are significant.

The Chamber sees itself having a number of roles in terms of optimising local business involvement and success. For example,it can connect members from different sectors of business to provide services

such as accounting, legal, financial and planning services.

The Chamber will have dedicated staff who will engage and work with business stakeholders along the proposed Capital Metro route during the construction phase to identify opportunities and minimise adverse
impacts on business.

In addition, the Chamber plans to connect with business chambers in locations where a light rail has recently been built to learn from their experiences.

The Chamber has gained insights from comparable jurisdictions, like the Northern Territory, where SME are effectively offered business services, and specific training as required, to support the scaling up for large projects, which results in both legacy capacity building and preventing investment leakage.

The Chamber will also act as a conduit between business and the ACT Government. It will be able to keep businesses informed on the project, hear from businesses about issues, and report back concerns to Capital Metro.

For more information about Capital Metro Business Link visit

A number of other partnerships between the ACT Government and the Chamber were recently announced. CBC will serve as a central consultation and engagement point between the ACT Government and the business community in relation to the following projects:

Brand Canberra – This project will develop the next stage of Brand Canberra. Guided by the Brand Strategic Advisory Board, the project will facilitate further community and private sector adoption of the Brand.

Trade and Export Programs – this project will deliver programs that aim to grow the value of exports to the ACT economy including: trade mission ready programs,export readiness programs and industry-led trade missions to priority markets.

Healthy Weight Initiative – CBC will engage with the ACT business community to carry out a range of activities, including arranging pilots for five businesses to trial voluntary actions to reduce the marketing of unhealthy food and drinks and where possible increase the marketing of healthy food and drinks particularly targeted at children.

Canberra Business Chamber wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and looks forward to working with you in 2016.
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Robyn Hendry, CEO
Canberra Business Chamber

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