October 2015 Issue 109

Business and Friendship

B2B Editor15 October 2015

Business and Friendship

Many business relationships turn into great friendships – and so they should. A good business relationship means that your colleagues, clients and suppliers really understand you and your business. They understand when things ware going well and they understand when you are having problems. They understand when you need a little more time to pay that invoice and you understand when they need a little more time. The key to making all of this work is good communication. Now this can sometimes work via telepathy, but 99.9 per cent of the time this can lead to massive miscommunication. The great thing about good communication is that new business relationships can turn into long term partnerships that can benefit both organisations. Now of course not all business relationships are long term, but there is massive damage that can be caused to your business by thinking short term. Such as the new little client that gives you the absolute ‘Tom tits’ and you go a ‘Rambo’ on them, thinking it won’t matter because they are a little one off client, only to find out that their best mate, relative, wife, brother – is, or is married to, the CEO of your best client … enough said. It is true, of course, that it is very pleasing to get compliments about yourself and your business … but it is far greater value to receive negative feedback. If someone takes the time to tell you about an issue they have had with you or one of your staff – then now is the time to shut-up and listen. For every one negative comment you hear there at least a dozen that you don’t. Negative comments are like gold.

Capcorp Constructions features on the cover and in the cover story in this issue. This is a great story of a local business that has spanned three generations and more than 50 years. Current director, Don Capezio, should be congratulated for his vision to build on the success of Capezio and Co. and to create strong career paths and professional development for his team..

Tim Benson, Publisher
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