Building relationships using sport

B2B Editor10 February 2017

Building relationships using sport

The success of business-to-business relationships between customer and supplier depends on many factors. From speed of response & quality of delivery through to return on investment, every little bit counts in an increasingly competitive commercial market.

And as our calendars get busier, so does our reliance on digital channels as a preferred method of communication. But with our increased use of these mediums, are you failing to build quality, face-to-face relationships? Perhaps you are paying attention to them, but are your methods successful?

The coffee catch-up is wearing thin, and making the time for a three-hour lunch is typically reserved for the lead up to Christmas, or to celebrate the completion of a financial year. So while your business is looking to innovate your methodologies and process, shift some of that attention to your relationship-building process: the who, the what, and most importantly – the how.

The Plus500 Brumbies have hosted local, national and international organisations since the mid-1990s through our suite of corporate hospitality offerings. These are perfect to introduce as part of a broader strategy when looking to shift from a short-term, transactional sales approach to a long-term approach built on forming solid relationships. Like any networking event, there are a number of excellent ways to maximise your investment in one of our corporate hospitality packages:

1. Be organised
It may sound simple enough, but organisation is key. Consider your own diary, then those of the decision-makers you are hoping to invite. Book early, plan early, invite early – use time to your advantage and ensure the right people are in the room.

2. Don’t jump the gun
Keep the business talk relevant to the relationship. Cornering your new or potential customer the minute the door on your suite shuts is a no-no – they came for the entertainment first, the business talk second. Gauge their intent as the night carries on and reciprocate their level of business dialogue – but leave the negotiations for the boardroom.

3. Watch the drink
Some clients may fancy a drink or five, but the host plays it safe, not sorry. Ruining a potential relationship is bad, not remembering why is much worse.

4. Play host
Depending on the hospitality option you’ve purchased you could have anywhere from 10 to 20 invitations, so chances are you may invite multiple clients who have never met. Introduce your guests to one another or have a colleague do so – the last thing you need is a corporate version of the school yard with groups in every corner.

5. Keep building
Corporate hospitality is an excellent medium to get to know your clients and show them a great time in a relaxed environment, but it is not the be-all and end-all. Incorporate it as part of a broader strategy to shift from transactional selling to long-term relationship-building, and it will pay dividends.

The Plus500 Brumbies range of corporate offerings accommodates all budgets and businesses, can include catering, and ensures the best seat in the house.

  • Corporate Suites (16 – 20 capacity)
  • TabTerrace Open Boxes (8 – 10 capacity)
  • The Austbrokers Directors’ Dinner (Table of 10)
  • The Lounge (Exclusive Private & Public sector networking)
  • The Stable (Single ticket entry)

Kieran Walsh is the Sales Manager for the Plus500 Brumbies. To speak to Kieran about how you can use Brumbies Corporate Hospitality to enhance your relationships with clients or meet new ones, contact him directly on 02 6283 8525, 0413 836 490 or on [email protected]

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