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Building confidence for their clients

B2B Editor8 September 2015

Building confidence for their clients

Residential building and craftsmanship are in Danny and Robert Rosin’s blood. They have been in the custom residential building trade for 25 years and are passionate about their work and their client’s homes and investments.A striking new Concept Home,opening for display in September,will showcase the results they can achieve for Canberrans looking to rebuild.

Their father and uncle were Italian migrants that started, and ran, Rosin Bros builders in the 1980s and 90s.

Both Robert and Danny worked for the family business before and during their study. Robert studied architecture and Danny studied construction management. In 1998 they started their own business Rosin Design Homes, which was shortened to Rosin Building, and now Rosin Bros, which reflects a history of residential building going back almost 50 years.

‘Building confidence’ epitomises their philosophy in what they deliver for their clients and is at the heart of Robert and Danny’s business.

The great thing about Rosin Bros is that clients will deal with the business owners throughout the project who take complete responsibility for the construction of their home and ensure that their desires are realised.

The HIA and MBA award-winning brothers work well together and their skill sets are complimentary.

Robert, as a qualified architect, works on the design side, developing design briefs with clients, liaising with architects, designers and consultants and getting projects to the build stage. Danny, a qualified construction manager, works mainly on site, coordinating the build process between the suppliers, consultants and tradespeople.

“Together, we deliver people achievable dreams,” Danny said.

After 15 years building a variety of different dwellings, Rosin Bros has re-focussed their business as custom home rebuild specialists. This service encompasses the construction of a new custom designed home on the site of an existing house.

They are finding their projects are happening in the Woden Valley, Belconnen and the Inner North and Inner South, both from existing owners that have lived in the areas for many years and also people who are looking to purchase a site for redevelopment.

“This is where there are large established blocks of 700 square metres or more that we can identify as appropriate for a custom rebuild. We have assisted clients with identifying suitable sites prior to purchasing thus avoiding pitfalls such as costly site works and overshadowing from neighbours. Most of our clients are ideally after single storey homes, they are conscious of not only their own future needs but also the potential resale value in a future ageing population” Robert explained.

If you are looking for a new home in these areas, then speaking to Rosin Bros about a custom rebuild could be be a very valuable decision.

Rosin Bros are conscious of the need to find ways to mitigate the rising cost of a new home.

“Do people really need a big house? Or do they need a better house? How can design, layout and energy use work together to lower the cost of good quality homes but still provide all the desired amenity? These are the questions we pose to people who are considering whether to rebuild.” Danny outlined.

“We are looking for clients that are passionate about design, their home and their surroundings. If they have passion, then they will appreciate what we have to offer,” Danny stated.Rosin Bros has a commitment to only 10 – 15 quality custom builds per year.

“This is the volume of work that we are comfortable with to achieve the control and quality we are looking for, it means our clients receive our personal attention throughout, this is very important for a quality outcome” Robert said.

To highlight new materials and building techniques, Rosin Bros have just completed a concept home on a corner block in Wright.

It is a 4 bedroom, single storey home with a distinctive aesthetic inspired by the contemporary architect designed project homes of the 60s and early 70s, maximising abundant natural light. Strong clean lines, varying ceiling heights, large panels of glass, integrated cabinetry and clever layering of spaces are key to the design. They are also using the home to test new products and materials such as composite-wood external cladding from Germany that requires no painting and minimal maintenance, the latest in kitchen appliances, and the latest in LED lighting.

“People can come to the Wright concept home and experience by touching and feeling some of our innovations. We will also be opening the house out of regular hours so that people can experience it in the hours that most people would actually be in the house,” Danny said.

Rosin Bros also take advantage of some of the latest client-based communications and project management software tools in the market.

“Our clients can go online, into their project, and communicate directly with us. They can make all their selections such as kitchen appliances, bathroom tiles, etc. and monitor the status of their build – this simplifies and centralises the whole communication process. Clients have found this great since it was introduced last year – it gives them a better understanding of their project and has reduced the reliance on email trails and back and forth phone calls, “ said Robert.

Rosin Bros also provides an extended 12 month maintenance period after completion.

“Most builders provide a 3 to 6 month maintenance period. We have been offering 12 months to ensure the house goes through all four seasons, 3 to 6 months is simply not long enough to really let the house settle in against the elements” Danny said.

Rosin Bros want their clients to feel that their lives have been enriched by their new living environments and that this has been achieved by having confidence in their builder to create the home of their dreams.

“Building confidence with our clients is our main goal. If our client is happy, then we are happy,” Danny and Robert concluded.

Email: [email protected] Phone:02 6247 4799
Office: Level 1, 61 Dundas Crt, Phillip ACT 2606