Best of Breed: OPC and Engineers Australia

B2B Editor4 September 2013

Best of Breed: OPC and Engineers Australia

OPC has had a long and successful 27 year partnership with Engineers Australia. In an age when constant change is more likely to be the norm, especially in the area of ICT, we have been able to sustain an effective and mutually beneficial relationship between our two organisations.

Engineers Australia (EA) has more than 100,000 members and 200 staff across nine states embracing all disciplines of engineering. It is the largest and most diverse professional body for engineers in Australia. EA was OPC’s first customer when we opened our doors in 1985; they purchased type writers back then! How times have changed!

Over the years OPC has continually supplied EA with best of breed hardware, strategic advice and technical support services which, in2011, resulted in OPC being appointed EA’s sole IT service provider in a fully outsourced arrangement. This was a huge step for EA and testimony to the strong, trusting relationship we enjoy.

Under this arrangement OPC has provided Engineers Australia with many benefits. They have a business partner

* Who can provide guidance and advice on the implementation of best of breed solutions, emerging technologies and standardised IT business processes,

* Who can deliver a team of certified and qualified professionals with superior IT skill sets to target any requirement and

* Who sees the value in a long term and mutually productive alliance that can progress the direction of both organisations

EA has been able to realise cost efficiencies and reduce downtime through reduced staffing requirements and by OPC being able to complete IT projects within business as usual hours. They have also minimised risk through OPC’s use of standards based methodologies as part of a continual service improvement.

By being able to ‘leave it to us’, Engineers Australia has been able to focus on its core business – the advancement of engineering and the professional development of its members. In November last year they launched eChartered, which is a membership accreditation that further positions the registered members as the best of their breed.

eChartered Members possess defined engineering competencies, are recognised by the community, industry and governments as professional and responsible contributors to the well-being of Australian society, have demonstrated engineering competence, and have a commitment to professionalism which has been formally assessed by Engineers Australia and tested by Member peers and senior engineering professionals in each area of practice.

OPC’s technical expertise was key throughout the development and implementation of the eChartered site.

‘Our relationship with Engineers Australia is one we that we hold with great pride and a sense of privilege,’ says Brett Norton, Managing Director of OPC. ‘We like to think of ourselves as the leaders in our respective fields.’

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Dear Brett,

Engineers Australia’s long-standing professional relationship with OPC IT dates back to 1985 when they were contracted to set up the organisation’s typewriters in our Barton headquarters. For almost 30 years, OPC have been providing Engineers Australia with reliable end-to-end IT support.

OPC were originally engaged on a needs-by-needs basis by Engineers Australia, however in the last two years they have since taken on sole responsibility of our IT infrastructure and service support needs across our nine state and territory offices.

As an organisation with over 100,000 members and 200 staff across Australia, we create and transmit a staggering amount of information every day. To this end, we commenced the rollout of a nationwide renewal program for our management information systems.

Our organisation has moved to an IT engagement model of talking rather than telling. We recognised it’s no longer enough for organisations to post information on a website or send an email and expect this to create meaningful interactions with customers.

Engineers Australia engaged the best minds in the business to help us with the transition to an improved information management system. OPC were part of this team to help us effectively drive change and implement improved technology .

OPC were fundamental in the successful roll-out and delivery of our most recent large scale project, e-chartered.This online chartered program enables engineers to take the step from being graduates to fully accredited chartered professionals in a secure online environment.

They are responsible for the administrative support and development of the Engineers Australia corporate website, a website that includes over 6000 pages and receives in excess of over 100,000 visits per month.

Computers and technology always seem to fail when needed most and OPC’s help desk team have always demonstrated timely, professional support for the organisation, trouble-shooting a broad range of IT issues.OPC’s help desk operates during business hours across all of Australia’s time zones, meaning the Canberra team remain after hours to ensure our Western Australia Division office is serviced.

Engineers Australia staff have very much appreciated the responsiveness of the OPC team, along with their compassionate approach of ensuring our technology does not get the better of us.

OPC effectively look after our IT needs to allow us to focus on our core business, that is, delivering on our 100,000 members’ needs.

We will continue to value their IT services for many years to come.

Yours sincerely

Stephen Durkin

Chief Executive Officer

Engineers Australia