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Benefits of solar for business

B2B Editor16 September 2016

Benefits of solar for business

No business can afford to toss money out the window, including on electricity. Across the ACT, many businesses are acting smart and going solar. They’ve discovered the benefits of solar and are enjoying the savings.

Let’s start with the facts:
1. Solar photovoltaic (PV) prices are decreasing and becoming increasingly affordable.

2. Solar PV is a proven technology.

3. Electricity costs contribute to your bottom line, so the more energy you save, the more profitable you are.

4. Despite the initial investment in solar, the savings can be significant and payback periods surprisingly short.

But despite these obvious pluses, is solar the right choice for your business?

It may seem complicated to answer this question, but a new and practical guide produced by the ACT Government will help clarify what solar means for your business. The publication Solar PV: a guide for ACT businesses covers a range of topics for your business to consider, including:

  • the technology and options available
  • what to consider when choosing a system, including features, maintenance and warranties
  • what to watch out for when looking for the best supplier/installer
  • legal and other requirements for installing a commercial system in the ACT
  • government rebates, incentives and resources.

If you are thinking about solar PV for your business you should also consider this. Through the Next Generation Energy Storage Grants initiative, the ACT Government is supporting the installation of solar battery storage in homes and businesses. Battery storage technology lets you save energy from the sun during the day and use it when the financial benefits to you are maximised-even when the sun isn’t shining. It’s an option worth exploring.

Investing in solar also helps your business be a socially responsible corporate citizen. You’ll be helping the ACT Government lead the way with its ambitious and legislated renewable energy targets. You’ll be showing your staff, clients and stakeholders your commitment to environmentally sustainable practices.

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