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Bartercard: A world of business opportunities

B2B Editor7 November 2013

Bartercard: A world of business opportunities

Regardless of what country, currency or culture money makes the world go around, however money is a tangible and traceable tool created from an age-old technique called ‘Bartering’.

Bartering has become more popular in the wake of the 2009-2010 economic crunch and lowers the barrier to entry for individuals and businesses to get what they need without blowing their budgets. In fact, bartering can help lower costs and save money. With commitment and tenacity, Bartercard has forged a substantial company that is today the largest and fastest growing barter network in the world.

According to CEO and Founder Mr Brian Hall, Bartercard is the most innovative way of combining modern technology, a community of businesses, and indirect and direct marketing channels.

“We have revolutionised the way companies conduct their day- to-day business. Over 55,000 cardholders in seven countries (20,000 Australian members) now benefit from the cashless economy of barter,” Brian explained.

Members can use Bartercard trade dollars in:Australia, Cyprus, New Zealand, Thailand, UAE, United Kingdom and the USA.

Bartercard’s online services mean trading is simple and accessible 24 hours a day. Find Bartercard businesses around you, pay an invoice, process a sale and view your available balance online or on your mobile device through our mobile app.

How does Bartercard work?

While direct barter deals can be effective, in the modern world they lack flexibility. The challenge with a direct one-on-one barter deal is you might want something that one business has but they may not directly want what you have.

Bartercard has the solution

Bartercard has created a flexible, secure and fully accountable way for businesses to transact their goods and services with businesses all around the country and the world.

Bartercard is one of the largest B2B networks who are effectively using barter to;

* gain new customers, who generate increased sales income

* move excess stock or utilise downtime

* free up cash that would otherwise be used to pay existing expenses

* increase profits from introduction of new business

By using Bartercard you earn an electronic currency called a ‘trade dollar’ for the goods and services you sell. This value is recorded electronically in your member account (similar to a bank account), and is recognised as equivalent to a cash dollar by the ATO for all accounting and taxation purposes.

Bartercard even provide you with an Account Manager dedicated to coaching you on how to use trading effectively in your business.

“Join a business network with 55,000 cardholders who barter-trade over $60m every month, with 74 offices throughout the world.”

Bartercard basics …

Bartercard is the best small to medium business tool that exists and like all

tools it is only as good as the user. Take the time to learn how to use it in your

business to its best ability. Gabriele Saccardo, La Scala Italian Restaurant

Cost of trade dollar and purchasing discount

The true essence and power of Bartercard is the “purchasing power” of your product. Remember, when you purchase in Bartercard, you are effectively spending with your excess product and/ or service. Therefore, your purchasing discount is inbuilt into your margin. Therefore if it cost you 35c in the dollar to provide your product or service then for every $100 trade you spend, it really only costs you $35. So, you are in fact buying at a 65% discount!

Do you know what your cost of trade dollar is and what your purchasingdiscount equates to?

Gain cash referrals

We find that every time a Bartercard member provides a service or product of great quality to another member, the satisfied customer is likely to recommend the business to other people they know in the cash economy. Therefore, by simply providing great service and products to Bartercard members, you’ll be in a position to gain referrals to new cash customers.

Are you giving Bartercard members a good experience, so they will recommend you?

We’ve found that when we do a job on Bartercard, the happy customer then tells

ten other people, which generates a lot of extra cash business for us. Jacqueline Johnson, K & J

Welding and fabrication

Capture lost revenue

Most businesses have a certain amount of downtime, be it on certain days or at certain times of the year with the flux of seasonal trends. Bartercard’s goal is to assist you to gain additional customers to utilise business downtime. For example, hairdressers may fill empty spots in their diaries, restaurateurs may fill empty tables, hotels may fill empty rooms, and professionals may fill empty appointments with additional Bartercard customers.

Are you utilising Bartercard to maximize your downtime? How much more business could you accept?

Our business has the capacity to build eight websites a week which we were not

achieving so we joined Bartercard to fill the idle capacity. We were paying our

staff anyway but now we are gaining extra income and can use the trade to purchase

hardware and then depreciate it as a capital expense. Steve Donald & Trevor Kenny, Directors –


Fund capital growth

As a member of Bartercard you are automatically given an interest free line of credit. You are able to apply to increase this line of credit from $10,000 to $25,000 or more, depending on your level of trading within Bartercard, your equity and security. With this increase in credit, you are able to fund the capital growth necessary to grow your business. Some members have applied for substantial lines of credit which they’ve used to purchase new factories and office premises, complete renovations or develop extensive marketing campaigns to grow their business.

What do you want to achieve in your business in the next 12 months?

Using the interest free line of credit, we have been able to make some great

improvements to our restaurant. We have bought a new stove, new deep fryer, two

new wood heaters and put on a new shop front. Gary Webb, Montezuma’s Wagga Wagga

I expanded my product line by using the interest free line of credit to

purchase $120,000 worth of shoes, from a Bartercard supplier. I sold

these in the cash market and made a $30,000 cash profit!

Jonathan Deen, Profile fashion accessories

Bartercard helped me grow my recruitment agency. Gaining

clients is much easier and cheaper with Bartercard.

Freedom Recruitment Solutions,

Isidora Carpenter-Rowland

“Bartercard has been instrumental in increasing my restaurant’s

revenue and patronage. In the time I have been with Bartercard I would

have saved over $900,000 in cash.”

Andrew McElhone, Sage Restaurant

We have approximately 250 members within Canberra and its region and are looking to expand to over 500 members in the coming years

Bartercard Canberra

Since 2012 Bartercard Canberra has been owned and managed by brothers, Gabriele and Enrico, Saccardo.

Bartercard first opened its Canberra franchise in 1995 and currently services Canberra, the South Coast and the Snowy Mountains region.

The current franchise owners have been members of Bartercard since 1997 through their Bartercard Platinum restaurant, La Scala.

La Scala Restaurant (which has just entered into its 26th year of business here in Canberra) has been providing Bartercard members in Canberra, Australia and around the world an award winning culinary experience with its traditional, and modern, Italian cuisine.

Gabriele Saccardo is both the proprietor and sales manager for Bartercard Canberra. Gabriele is married to Lenie and they have a son, Max, aged four. He has been involved in small business in Canberra since 1986. He has owned a variety of businesses ranging from the import and export of fashion from Italy, distribution of food products from Italy and catering ventures.

Enrico Saccardo is both the proprietor and office manager for Bartercard Canberra. He has been part of the small business sector in Canberra since 1985. His business interests include restaurants, catering companies and the sale and export of Indigenous Australian art.

Colin McCulloch is the trading manager at Bartercard Canberra. Colin has been working for Bartercard Canberra for the past twelve years.

Canberra franchise

Bartercard Canberra is located in the heart of the city and has currently five members of staff.

“We have approximately 250 members within Canberra and its region and are looking to expand to over 500 members in the coming years,” Gabriele said.

Bartercard is a B2B set up which provides a ‘Business Advantage’ to its clients.

“Part of Bartercard’s portfolio is the involvement in sponsorships, both at a local “grass roots” level and from there both nationally and internationally,” Enrico said.

Within Canberra and its region, Bartercard offers sponsorships to many organizations including: ACT Brumbies, the National Zoo and Aquarium, Out in Canberra and the Queanbeyan Rodeo.

Bartercard Canberra is also very proud to be associated to numerous charity and not for profit organizations including Snowy Hydro SouthCare, Anglicare ACT, the Salvation Army and Camp Quality.

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