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Dealing with ‘sexually transmitted debt’
Expert Advice
We often go into relationships with all the best intentions in mind and with no expectation we will be left with a life-changing debt. Sexually transmitted debt (STD) occurs when one partner takes responsibility, wholly or partly, for the debts of their partner, either unknowingly or unwillingly. STD is emerging as a big issue and, in some cases, causing a...
Time may be running out for Commonwealth superannuation claims
Expert Advice
The amount of superannuation you have accumulated by the time you retire can make a big difference to the type of retirement you can enjoy. With some superannuation schemes being more beneficial than others, imagine if you had been denied entry to join one of Australia’s most lucrative superannuation schemes provided to government workers. That is the reality for many...
When is a casual worker not a casual worker?
Expert Advice
A groundbreaking decision by the Full Bench of the Federal Court is likely to have significant implications for any employers who engage casuals on a regular and systemic basis. The decision was handed down on 20 May and considered the issue of whether a long-term casual employee could be entitled to paid leave entitlements available to full-time and permanent part-time...