About Lottie Twyford

Lottie Twyford is an early career journalist, most often seen with a long black in hand.

She recently graduated from the ANU with a degree in International Relations and Arts where she developed a passion for all things French - particularly wine.

Having grown up in the UK, New Zealand and Australia, she is soon to call herself an Aussie, although won’t be seen anywhere near a kangaroo.

She loves telling stories, and when not writing, you’ll find her out for a run, or enjoying Canberra’s nightlife with friends.

Want to get in touch? You can reach her at [email protected]

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Working from home without the proper set-up? Here’s what you can do about it
As more and more of us find ourselves working, or at least attempting to work, from home, it's important we look after our bodies as we navigate the 'unfamiliar' territory that is our bedrooms, lounge rooms and kitchens. When the COVID-19 lockdown was announced, many employees moved rapidly to a work-from-home arrangement but didn't have time to properly prepare a...
This 15-year-old CEO takes the term ‘girl boss’ literally
Local Leaders
Many 15-year-old girls like lip gloss, but very few of them own their own cosmetics company they hope will one day become an empire. Year 10 Canberra Girls Grammar School student Sofia Green is the brains behind Apollo Cosmetics. The name for her business, which she wanted to be meaningful, came from her "science obsession" and her love for the...
Increased financial support flagged for business as lockdown to drag on
Chief Minister Andrew Barr has flagged an expansion to the previously announced business support measures, given the extension of the lockdown to 2 September. Many businesses across various sectors, including construction and non-essential retail, now face the prospect of being unable to operate at all or with extremely diminished turnover until at least early September. Businesses with employees are now...
Little changes to keep The Food Co-op viable well into the future
When it was announced the National Health Co-op went into voluntary administration earlier this year, the team at the member-owned and operated The Food Co-op Shop and Cafe in the Canberra CBD didn't feel any jitters. The Food Co-op is all about sustainable, organic food for a good price, and runs largely off volunteer support. In return for their time...
How signing on to a job site means signing up to safety
Local Leaders
Long before there was a need for people to check in to cafes, restaurants, shops, taxis and buses, and before there was a global pandemic which meant contract tracing was a daily reality, mates Mitchell Harmer and Alexandria Garlan saw a safety issue in the construction industry that could, in part, be solved by checking in. The pair had been...
Another round of innovative startups given a funding boost
Innovative businesses doing everything from airport artificial intelligence and quantum sensors, to telehealth for chronic pain and online fashion, have been awarded the combined funding of around $260,000 in a recent round of grants. A partnership between the ACT Government and Canberra Innovation Network (CBRIN) has seen nine diverse startups secure funding through the aptly named Innovation Connect (ICON) Grant....
Small business owners now eligible for government nominations for migration
The ACT Government has recently introduced a new 'Small Business Owner' pathway through which Canberra business people can apply for a government nomination for either a 491 or 190 visa for people who can fill skill shortages. While an ACT nomination does not guarantee the individual's migration outcome, it does trigger a formal visa invitation letter from the Department of...
It’s been a whole family affair to get The Markets Wanniassa up and running
Four-and-a-half years ago, Fiona Lester was busy on the market circuit where she sold handmade goods ranging from heat packs to baby and toddler clothes, depending on what she needed herself at the time. She began to tire of the routines of a regular stallholder – having to constantly set up and pack down tables and drag boxes around, as well...
Strong partnership helping Farrah’s Liquor Collective lead the way in employment of people with disabilities
A new partnership between two Canberra businesses is leading to meaningful employment for people with disabilities. The initiative is part of disability employment services company LEAD's mission to connect people with a disability with employment. Initially, LEAD's resource team operations manager, Jeff Thompson, came up with the idea for workers to be employed as couriers for Farrah's Liquor Collective. After...
Can family law ever be friendly? The Kind Lawyers think so
Expert Advice
Separation and divorce can be ugly, devastating and expensive. But there's a movement of Canberra lawyers and professionals who are out to make the point that it doesn't have to be that way. The Kind Lawyers isn’t a law firm. It's a multidisciplinary movement of lawyers, mediators, therapists and academics who simply want to change the conversation about divorce in our...
Capital Workplace puts in the HR hard yards to make work culturally safe for all
Expert Advice
Human resources (HR) is one of the elements of work that most of us don't think about until it becomes unavoidable not to. One Indigenous-owned HR and cultural training firm, Capital Workplace, is proving that HR doesn't deserve its bad rap. Instead, co-founders Jo Kamira and Craig Sams say HR is something that, when done well, makes life easier for...
Tax time is back again, proving it really is one of the few certain things in life
Expert Advice
It's tax time! But that doesn't mean it's time to stress. In fact, according to Aero Accounting director and PAQ Group founder Justin Wong, the most important part of your money is how you actually spend your income. How you manage and pay your tax should simply complement this. Justin says the first thing he does when he takes a...
More than a year after devastating hail, what have we learnt about insurance?
Expert Advice
The hailstorm that left a trail of devastation in its wake as it tore through Canberra in January 2020 might have been over in just 15 minutes, but many major commercial property insurance claims have yet to be dealt with. According to Allinsure managing director Peter Chamberlain, there are still clients out there who are unaware their building's roof was...
A 10-week program designed to SPARK women’s interest in the trades
A recent push from Ginninderry's SPARK Training and Employment Program has seen 10 women complete a 10-week course designed to give them exposure to working in the trades or construction sector. Ginninderry's head of community, training and employment, Emma Sckrabei, says the program is designed to introduce women to an industry in which they are currently nationally underrepresented. "In 2006,...
Internship overcomes social isolation for international student
Being an international student can sometimes be an isolating experience, and this was never truer than throughout the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020. For University of Canberra student Malsha Kalpage, it was an internship that helped him connect with people he otherwise wouldn't have met. Originally from Sri Lanka, Malsha came to Canberra three years ago in order to pursue his...
A little from every dollar going a long way in the community
A meal and a cold beverage from the local club with family and friends is a Friday night ritual for many Canberrans. Now one local club is allowing you to give back to the community by doing so, without ever paying a cent more than before. Canberra Southern Cross Club's community rewards program commenced in 2015, and was designed to give...