About John Coleman

John got a job as community editor at Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May’s social media platform for cars and food while finishing high school, then consulted for Supercar Blondie, before turning his back on media to focus on the original dream of becoming a lawyer.

Well, mostly turning his back.

He’s still passionate about how traditional journalist-led media can integrate and evolve effectively with social media, and if not in a textbook, or in a wine bar, he’s in the office disrupting serious journalists.

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Who wears the cost if you pay an invoice into a clever hacker’s account?
It’s the ultimate hit-in-the-guts moment. You've just had a call from a business telling you they're still waiting for payment. The issue? You made the bank transfer a few days ago. Where did it go? There’s a very good chance it’s gone straight into the accounts of a hacker. You’ve fallen victim to a sophisticated email scam – where an...
Canberra embraces solar after new scheme shines light on zero-interest loan
Canberra has never been a city to shy away from green energy options. Five months after the ACT Government announced the Sustainable Household Scheme, more than 800 Canberrans have used it to add solar energy installations to their homes. The scheme, opened in October last year after a successful pilot, offers Canberra households 10-year zero-interest loans of up to $15,000...