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Hannah Sparks is a regional journalist based in the Southern Tablelands of NSW. She has eight years of experience reporting stories for print and broadcast media including Fairfax Media and ABC Canberra. Home was originally a farm in Devon, UK, where she studied a Bachelor of Journalism. Today, she writes from a wool farm in the Tablelands where she lives with her partner and their many dogs. Hannah is passionate about providing regional communities with a voice and always has time for a cuppa and a yarn.

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Enterprising girls on a mission to build business
If the number of businesses owned by women matched those owned by men, the economic opportunity for Australia would be worth between $71 and $135 billion, according to 2019 research by the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women. With that in mind, the Canberra-based Academy for EnterprisingĀ Girls is on a mission to help girls aged 10 to 18 Australia-wide learn how...