About Canberra Innovation Network

The Canberra Innovation Network (CBRIN) is a not-for-profit and launched in November 2014 on the back of a progressive local government and collaboration between Canberra’s world class education and research institutions, who now represent our Foundation Members.

Our mission is to Empower entrepreneurs to make an impact and change the world. In doing so, we are strengthening the position of Canberra as a clever, connected, and creative city where entrepreneurs and businesses build on the city’s excellence in research and innovation to create social and economic benefits for all citizens.

We take pride in Canberra’s startup community and our programs are designed to enable budding entrepreneurs and SMEs to build on their ambition and reach their potential. We connect leading experts and mentors with founders and deliver world-class innovation programs uncovering ground-breaking ideas and solving real-world challenges.

We believe that entrepreneurs are everywhere, and our ethos is to help them uncover their potential.

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Dedicated mentorship and funds to grow for local startups through GRIFFIN Accelerator
Are you building an innovative business that will make Canberra a better, more amazing place to live and work? From your business model through to accessing capital, an accelerator program will fast-track your business while connecting you to important networks and a supportive ecosystem. The GRIFFIN Accelerator is a three-month intensive program run by a group of seasoned Canberra entrepreneurs...
Is your business idea pitch ready?
There are many facets when it comes to growing your business, and one of the key components to building success is mastering your elevator pitch. It’s a simple concept: that one-off chance you walk into an elevator occupied by a person who can provide a lifechanging opportunity for you. The catch is, you’ve only got the duration of that elevator...
Accelerating the adoption of zero emission transport
Transport accounts for 60 per cent of greenhouse gas emissions and is the largest and fastest-growing source of emissions globally. It's the same story here in Canberra, with privately owned transportation being the single biggest contributor. The reason is simple: Canberrans like to drive. Innovation is essential to reducing greenhouse gas emissions from transport, which is why local energy retailer...
Finding courage to take the leap into small business
For some people it is a dream to work for themselves, a desire to make an exciting idea real. Some of these people will jump into the deep end without a second thought, but others are left with the weight of the security of their day jobs which may see their vision of becoming a business owner slip away. Canberra...