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By B2B Editor 1 April 2013
How do you know that you’re readyto export? It all starts with makingsure your business is export-ready andthinking about the best way of taking your product or service to market. Companies starting to export are more likely to succeed if they have a well thought out and planned export strategy. Prospective exporters need to have a strong understanding of their current business and how export fits into their overall plan.
The ACT Government as part of their Global Connect Initiative has developed an online information portal with information sources relevant to entering the USA government market. In what is known as the largest single market in the world, the US Federal Budget is $3.8 trillion and US State andlocal spending is $2.4 trillion. The online information resource at provides information,capacity building and access to opportunities to enable ACT companies to access this market.
The information and online resources at focus on buildings capabilities, identifying opportunity and promoting success. This portal is not a static brochure ware site, but has been developed by exporters with experience in accessing this difficult, but potentially profitable market.
Within buildings capabilities on there is a Market Sector Preparedness & Progress Matrix specifically designed for the US Public Sector.This matrix has 25 criteria areas, enabling you to self-assess where your skills and capabilities currentlyare at. Criteria cover many aspects of preparednesssuch as market sector experience and expertise and solution maturity.
Over time you do additional self-assessments and evaluate your progress and export readiness. An expert from this matrix is shown below.
A really exciting part of this online information resource is the Opportunities icon. This link quickly and easily enables companies a one stop shop to access information on tenders, proposals and contracts available in the USA government departments. To check it out go to
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ACT Chief Ministers Awards 2013 – 100
Years, 100 Countries, 100 Exporters
I welcome all exporters to consider entering the ACT Chief Minister’s Awards in 2013. Entering the Awards will provide you an opportunity to network with other ACT companies, and to be seen as an outstanding performer amongst your peers.Previous winners have said that entering awards program enables them to improve their business,and winning an Award category can be used to great advantage as marketing tool.
The ACT Government, through the Canberra Business Council, provides assistance to enter these awards.
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