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B2B Editor23 December 2014

Ainslie Cellars

Dear Customer,
At Ainslie Cellars we are passionate about our industry. We are now in our 3rd year and starting to really find our groove. The liquor industry is star ting to flourish with a younger set of consumers becoming aware of the amaz ing small, artisan producers coming up the ranks. We are very engaged in the Local Wine Industry, with Winemakers hosting in-store tastings every Thursday. We are proud sponsors of the Canberra Regional Wine Show and enjoy sourcing out new wines from ‘the little guys’ each year.

One of the joys of being independently owned, and part of a group like Local Liquor, is that we have the flexibility to range and source any product we choose. We love engaging our customers and seeing what makes them tick. Our customers are eating and drinking more seasonally-right now they are drinking Rose, Sherries and Pale Ales for Summer. With our new seasonal display and with the help of our educated staff, our customers will always have their fingers on the pulse of what’s new, interesting and above all, tasty!
Through our use of Social Media, we’re amongst the first in the Country (not just Canberra) to source ‘hard to find’ and award winning Wines, Spirits, Ciders and Beers. We also engage our customer base regularly by advertising tastings and events through Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Part of our partnership with Ainslie IGA means that we can put on unique events, such as our ‘Lunch Under The Trees’ which took part on 15th November this year. 64 of our good customers enjoyed 3 courses matched to a local Winemaker’s wares under the glorious oak trees opposite our store. .

Our vision is simple – quality, genuine products, produced by real people, that we can stand behind, and that our customers can enjoy.
Keith Mihailakis & Kate O’Leary
Ainslie Cellars

Ainslie Shopping Centre

7 Edgar St Ainslie, Canberra 2602 Phone: (02) 6230 6622 [email protected]