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ACT companies building business in Asia

B2B Editor1 January 2013
The recently released ‘Australia in the Asian Century White Paper’ details a roadmap for Australian companies to engage with our near Asian neighbours.
Many ACT businesses are working in Asian countries, and are building flourishing companies contributing to a diversified ACT economy.
Innovation comes in many different packages. Two ACT companies that are successfully exporting to Asia and building relationships in the region are Bearcage and Octavo Wines.
Bearcage specialises in film, television and digital media production for the Australian and international broadcast market. Bearcage has nearly 20 years experience as a production company focusing on high quality documentaries, digital media production and television commercials. Recently it has moved into international markets to grow its business. It has concentrated on emerging markets in China, developing co-production partnerships with experienced producers in Germany, South Africa, and New Zealand.
Bearcage recently signed a deal with China Central Television’s CCTV9 Channel to co-produce a six-part documentary series titled ‘The Story of Australia’. The co-production agreement, the first of its kind in Australia, was officially launched at a ceremony in Beijing on October 31st.
Bearcage’s successful expansion into the growing Asian market was recognised earlier this month when it was announced it would be a recipient of funding through Screen Australia’s Enterprise Program.
Octavo Wines is an ACT Company started by Andrew Ng, who came to Canberra from Hong Kong in 1988 as a business migrant. He has had a number of business ventures in Australia, China and the USA over this time.
In 2010, recognising the opportunities in the wine market in China, he teamed up with Graeme Shaw of Shaw Vineyard Estate in promoting the Shaw brand of wines to China.
Andrew Ng said “I saw opportunities in second tier cities in China, those cities with at least one million people, for a different wine, differentiated for this market. In conjunction with Graeme Shaw of Shaw Winery, we developed a wine specifically for this market.” The OCTAVO brand was officially launched by Deputy Minister Andrew Barr in October 2012.
This designed wine is showing early signs of success, with OCTAVO Shiraz winning a Bronze Award at the 2012 Cathay Pacific Hong Kong International Wine and Spirit Competition held in Hong Kong.
This joint relationship between Shaw Winery and Octavo is an example of two companies cooperating to gain a foot hold in the ever expanding China Wine market. This relationship provides tangible benefits to the ACT in employment, market recognition and potentially flow on tourism.
There are a number of upcoming trade missions in 2013. These include:
* Trade mission to Indonesia from 20-26 April, 2013,
* Proposed Trade Mission to USA in October/ November 2013,
* Proposed Trade Missions to India 2013/2014.
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