April 2015 Issue 103

Access Canberra has business talking

B2B Editor1 April 2015

Access Canberra, a new one stop shop streamlining access to permits, licenses and approvals, will play a pivotal role in accelerating economic growth in the Territory and encouraging business innovation.

An online discussion initiated by Chris Bourke, Member for Ginninderra, found that while business owners are generally in favour of the proposal, there are concerns that front line staff will not be adequately trained to handle the areas that they are servicing.

“What is not uncommon in government run business advisory services is that advice is given to business owners by employees who have not experienced what it’s like to be in business,” one individual said.

“Given my small business experience I wholeheartedly agree that Access Canberra staff should come from a variety of backgrounds and experience,” Mr Bourke said.

Mr Bourke anticipates that Access Canberra’s senior management and staff will have a variety of work-based experiences that extend much wider than the ACT Government.

“Some executives have private sector experience, others have worked internationally, and others have worked both in the Commonwealth and ACT Governments,” he said.

Chief Minister Andrew Barr has announced that the functions of Canberra Connect, the Office of Regulatory Services, WorkSafe ACT, Construction Services, EPA, food regulation and outdoor dining will be combined in a bid to improve service and bring together shop front and regulatory functions.

Minister Barr says Access Canberra will better allow government to quickly identify inefficient regulations and ensure that there is ‘no wrong door’ for businesses, community organisations and individuals engaging with the government