December 2015 Issue 111

A leading voice for industry

B2B Editor10 December 2015

A leading voice for industry

The Australian Pipelines and Gas Association Ltd (APGA) is the peak body representing Australasia’s
pipeline infrastructure with a focus on gas transmission, but also including transportation of other products, such as oil, water, slurry and CO2. APGA has been based in Canberra since January 1998 and has developed a strong presence and profile.

APGA’s members include constructors, owners, operators, advisers, engineering companies and suppliers of pipeline products and services. Its overarching mission is to provide support services to members and
to ensure the broader community, including government, industry and community groups, understand the benefits that a dynamic, market-driven Australian pipeline industry can deliver to the national economy
and to regional development.

The organisation is heavily involved in industry research programs and engages with the government on a range of issues from climate change related matters to those resulting from the privatisation and deregulation of the industry. APGA Business Manager Steve Dobbie observes ‘the industry has been severely affected by the falling oil prices and resulting retraction of infrastructure construction, but we are confident that 2016 will see a marked improvement’.

Strong communication and a robust IT infrastructure are key to delivering APGA’s services to its members. OPC first began working with APGA in 1998 when we delivered a new server solution to their Canberra office. We have been strong partners ever since, introducing the benefits of our full Managed Services Solution in 2006, and transitioning the organisation to a Dell platform in 2011.

Many of OPC’s clients are in a similar position to APGA and have taken advantage of outsourcing their IT support. An OPC managed IT infrastructure provides:

* Predictive and proactive systems management

* Practical support tailored to each business’s unique requirements

* Access to, and strategic guidance from, qualified experts across multiple technologies

* Fixed prices that are easier to manage and budget

* Reduced costs, reduced risks, greater accountability and greater reliability through standards based

“OPC first began working with APGA in 1998 when we delivered a new server solution to their Canberra office.”

methodologies and continual service improvement models

‘The team at the OPC service desk are great to deal with and always respond to our IT issues in a timely and positive fashion. The OPC support system still works extremely well for APGA…it has been greatly appreciated by the team here’
says Steve.

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